Atlantic Premium Forum: Elsa Punset in Tenerife

The internationally acclaimed bestselling author will feature prominently in the upcoming edition of the Atlantic Premium Forum, where she will introduce her "proposals for living in these extraordinary times."

In today’s fast-evolving and challenge-laden society, the pursuit of effective strategies for improved living in forums, panel discussions and roundtables is more crucial than ever. In this context, Elsa Punset, a renowned figure in the field of emotional intelligence and its practical applications, is set to participate in the forthcoming edition of the DIARIO DE AVISOS FOUNDATION‘s Atlantic Premium Forum on 14 March. She will deliver a talk entitled “Proposals for living in these extraordinary times,” reflecting on modern challenges and solutions.

This anticipated event aims to serve as a confluence for individuals keen on the latest insights into personal well-being and growth. The session will include a dialogue between Punset, Carmelo Rivero, deputy editor of the PLATÓ DEL ATLÁNTICO Group, and Juan Carlos Mateu, co-director of DIARIO DE AVISOS. They will delve into various pertinent subjects, including the essence of optimism, methods to reduce human distress, and essential skills for thriving in today’s complex yet opportunity-rich landscape.

Moreover, Punset will discuss resistance to change, the transformative power of new technologies, and their effects on mental health, underscoring the significance of adapting for a better global future.

Atlantic Premium Forum: Elsa Punset in Tenerife

Elsa Punset, celebrated for her extensive work as an author and communicator, especially in the realm of emotional intelligence, has made significant contributions to the field through popular television programs and bestselling books like ‘El libro de las pequeñas revoluciones’ and ‘Una mochila para el universo.’ Her dedication extends to emotional education for the youth, as demonstrated in her book series ‘Los Atrevidos.’

Her recent publication, ‘Fuertes, libres y nómadas,’ focuses on fostering new personal attitudes and habits, aligning with the event’s objective to motivate attendees towards self-discovery and personal growth.

Punset’s unique ability to simplify complex topics and connect with a wide audience has positioned her as a prominent and inspirational speaker, reflecting her exceptional academic and professional journey.

Atlantic Premium Forum by the Diario de Avisos Foundation

The Atlantic Premium Forum, under the aegis of the Island Council of Tenerife and the Diario de Avisos Foundation, continues to create platforms for meaningful dialogue and education, contributing to societal cultural and intellectual advancement. Ticket proceeds from the event, available via the platform, will support the foundation’s charitable initiatives.

This forum highlights the Canary Islands as a hub for discussing national and international issues, with past speakers including notable figures like Carmen Posadas, Mario Alonso Puig, and Mariano Rajoy. Hosted in the ‘Social Lab’ – a state-of-the-art facility for various events in Santa Cruz de Tenerife – the forum stands as a testament to ongoing efforts in fostering discourse and addressing contemporary challenges.

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