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The Canary Islands Government urges caution amid alert for coastal events

This situation in the Canary Islands also carries a risk of coastal flooding due to surges onto promenades and adjacent roads.

The General Directorate of Emergencies of the Canary Islands has issued a warning to the public to exercise caution due to deteriorating sea conditions. This has resulted in the activation of a coastal phenomena alert effective from 22:30 on Saturday.

This alert signals a heightened risk of coastal flooding as a result of surges during high tide, particularly around two hours before and up to an hour and a half after the high tide’s peak. This is especially critical along the northern and western shores of the islands, as per the regional government’s announcements.

Consequently, residents and visitors of the islands are strongly advised to steer clear of hazardous areas along the coastline and to adhere strictly to self-protection guidelines to prevent harm.

The Canary Islands Government urges caution and issues recommendations amid alert for coastal events

During this alert period, it is crucial to avoid standing on jetties and sea walls, or lingering near the seashore to prevent being struck or carried away by waves.

Moreover, beachgoers should note that swimming is strictly forbidden at beaches flying a red flag, and it is recommended to avoid entering the sea in areas known for strong wave activity, rip currents, or where lifeguard services are not available.

While the alert remains in effect and until sea conditions have stabilized, individuals are encouraged to refrain from coastal walks and from driving on roads near the beach. Postponing water-based or outdoor sporting activities and staying away from isolated or unpatrolled beaches are also advised.

Lastly, in case of observing an unusual wave pattern, keep a safe distance from the water and do not approach it, even if the sea appears to calm suddenly.

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