Father’s Day market in La Laguna: venue, opening hours, and free workshops

La Laguna not only hosts this event but also collaborates with influencers who will share the latest updates from the brands present at the market on their social media platforms.

The City Council of La Laguna, in collaboration with the Department of Commerce, is joining hands for a special market in celebration of Father’s Day. This initiative, spearheaded by Casa Efímera, aims to shine a spotlight on local businesses, freelancers, and designers in the area. Dubbed as ‘La Casa de Gepetto’, the event is set to unfold this weekend at the Castillo de La Laguna, located on the Camino Largo.

A diverse array of products will be available for purchase at the market, including textiles, accessories, costume jewellery, and natural cosmetics. To add to the festive ambiance, there will be workshops suitable for the whole family to participate in and enjoy.

Estefanía Díaz, the Councillor for Trade, emphasized that the City Council’s collaboration in this initiative is geared towards supporting and showcasing local designers by providing them with a platform to showcase and sell their creations. Díaz also highlighted the opportunity for participants to network and share experiences within the community.

According to Díaz, the Father’s Day celebration provides a unique platform to spotlight the creativity, talent, and quality of local creations, which are integral to the identity and economy of La Laguna. “It’s a festive and welcoming atmosphere where families can indulge in fun activities and explore unique and original products,” Díaz added.

Father's Day market in La Laguna: venue, opening hours, and complimentary workshops

The event on Saturday, March 16, will run from 11:00 to 18:00, offering a plethora of free activities and workshops. Children can partake in various workshops to craft personalized gifts for their parents, enjoy face painting, and visit a balloon corner with surprises for purchases over 10 euros, among other experiences.

Moreover, ‘La Casa de Gepetto’ will be graced by influencers who will share updates from the market on their social media platforms, ensuring that no trend or quality product goes unnoticed.

On Sunday, March 17, the festivities will continue from 11:00 to 18:00, featuring additional free surprises. These include a plant workshop with TallitosGreen, where children can personalize pots and plant their own gifts, along with ‘On Mum’s Stories’ workshops, family yoga sessions, and musical activities.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday mornings, spectators can also marvel at the acrobatic stunts performed by members of the Acquamarina Club, who will entertain the crowd with their prowess at the La Casa de Gepetto Circus. The club members boast an impressive track record, having been champions in various categories at the national level.

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