Loro Parque unveils Coral Kingdom: the largest reef outside the oceans

The animal park presented a new exhibit featuring over 8,000 units of 70 diverse coral species and nearly 10,000 fish. These inhabitants coexist within 260,000 litres of water, providing visitors with a truly unique immersive experience.

Coral Kingdom, the latest marvel unveiled at Loro Parque, represents a stunning fusion of nature and innovation. This captivating exhibit features over 8,000 corals spanning 70 distinct species, accompanied by a diverse array of nearly 10,000 fish. Inaugurated with great ceremony and attendance from esteemed figures including President Wolfgang Kiessling, the facility stands as a testament to Loro Parque’s unwavering commitment to marine conservation.

Spanning an impressive 260,000 litres of water, Coral Kingdom boasts the title of the largest coral reef outside the oceans. Its design is nothing short of breathtaking, with almost 40 metres of transparent, serpentine-shaped glass offering visitors an immersive and dynamic underwater experience. The innovative use of visual technology adds an extra dimension, creating an environment that feels alive with movement and fluidity.

Loro Parque unveils Coral Kingdom: the largest reef outside the oceans

President Kiessling underscored the pivotal role that zoological and botanical gardens play in safeguarding wildlife. He highlighted Loro Parque’s extensive conservation efforts, which have been instrumental in preventing the extinction of numerous parrot species. Established in 1994, the Loro Parque Foundation continues to lead the charge against threats like plastic pollution, with 80 active projects worldwide.

The facility’s inauguration was a grand affair, drawing dignitaries such as Bishop Bernardo Álvarez, Tenerife President Rosa Dávila, and Puerto de la Cruz Mayor Marco González. Mayor González lauded Loro Parque’s contributions to tourism and sustainability, countering detractors by emphasizing its role as a beacon of commitment and environmental stewardship.

Loro Parque unveils Coral Kingdom: the largest reef outside the oceans

President Dávila echoed concerns about the precarious state of coral reefs, emphasizing the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect marine ecosystems. With only 1% of the ocean’s surface covered by corals and an estimated 90% at risk of disappearing by 2050, initiatives like Coral Kingdom serve as vital lifelines for these fragile ecosystems.

As Loro Parque continues to champion environmental protection and raise awareness, Coral Kingdom stands as a symbol of hope for the future of marine conservation. Its awe-inspiring display serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty and fragility of our oceans, inspiring visitors to join the fight to preserve these invaluable natural wonders for generations to come.

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