Fonteide recognised as one of the world’s best waters at the latest Superior Taste Awards

Fonteide sparkling water has received the highest honour, achieving more than 90 points in the tasting and being classified as an "Exceptional Product".

The “Superior Taste Awards”, a prestigious global event dedicated to evaluating culinary delights, recently held its latest ceremony, honouring the Canary Islands brand Fonteide (Aguas del Valle de la Orotava S.L.). This recognition highlights waters sourced directly from the rainfall and snowmelt of Teide National Park and the peaks of La Orotava.

In this esteemed competition, Fonteide’s carbonated water variant stood out, scoring above 90 points, thus earning the distinction of “Exceptional Product”. Meanwhile, Fonteide’s Natural Mineral Water achieved a commendable score exceeding 80 points, which classified it as an “Extraordinary Product”.

These awards are bestowed by the International Taste Institute, previously known as ITQI, headquartered in Brussels. The Superior Taste Awards are deemed the zenith of accolades in the food and drink sector. They are determined by a jury of over 200 prominent chefs and sommeliers worldwide, reflecting the institute’s role since 2005 in setting the gold standard for taste and quality evaluation.

Fonteide recognised as one of the world's best waters at the latest Superior Taste Awards

Fonteide’s acclaim at the Superior Taste Awards 2024 is a continuation of its history of excellence, further endorsed by the IFS Food certificate since 2015. This certification is internationally recognised and affirms Fonteide’s commitment to quality, establishing Aguas del Valle de La Orotava, S.L. as a producer of distinguished beverages.

This distinguished Canarian brand, owned by Mahou San Miguel, has been marked by its dedication to innovation, from product presentation to brand development, all while maintaining a strong community and environmental engagement in the Canary Islands, particularly towards the region’s rich biodiversity.

Founded in 1994 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and initially known as Fonteide, Aguas del Valle de La Orotava set out to provide a superior mineral water in an area predominantly reliant on bottled water consumption. The source of Fonteide’s water is unique: originating from the rainfall and snow over the volcanic soils of Orotava Valley and Teide National Park.

Fonteide recognised as one of the world's best waters at the latest Superior Taste Awards

The water undergoes a significant underground journey, absorbing minerals and achieving its pure, balanced composition, eventually emerging from a spring situated over 300 metres above sea level and distanced more than 5,000 metres from the entry point, safeguarded against pollutants and thus ensuring its pristine condition, recognised since 1996 as a natural mineral water of public utility.

Fonteide’s dedication to excellence is evident not only in its superior product quality but also in its commitment to environmental stewardship. This commitment includes sustainable resource management and the preservation of the natural setting of the spring and its surroundings – the Corona Forestal and the Teide National Park, both esteemed for their environmental significance.

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