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Canary Islands on fire pre-alert: 5 islands face increased risk

The risk intensifies due to the ongoing drought and unusual temperature highs in the Canary Islands.

The General Directorate for Emergencies of the Canary Islands Government has initiated a pre-alert status due to the heightened forest fire risk in Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro, extending to parts of Gran Canaria above 400 metres.

This decision stems from a combination of climatic, meteorological, and environmental factors that have significantly increased the forest fire risk. The islands are currently experiencing an extended dry spell, missing the season of peak rainfall. Additionally, the recent months have seen persistent temperature anomalies, with no forecasted shifts in weather patterns indicating a change.

Canary Islands on fire pre-alert: 5 islands face increased risk

According to section 2.10 of the INFOCA guidelines, the prevailing conditions justify the declaration of a Special Pre-alert Situation for forest fires (INFOCA). This status is subject to change based on upcoming weather forecasts and risk assessments by the Civil Protection authorities of the Canary Islands Government, in collaboration with the councils of the implicated islands.

The proclamation is grounded on the current data and follows the protocols established by Decree 60/2014, dated May 29, which sanctions the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Emergency Response to Forest Fires in the Canary Islands (INFOCA).

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