Lago Martiánez in Puerto de La Cruz set to reopen this Thursday

Lago Martiánez in Tenerife is set to reopen this Thursday after ten months of enhancements.

The Puerto de la Cruz Town Hall has declared the reopening of the largest swimming pool at the Lago Martiánez Tourist Complex scheduled for this Thursday, after ten months of significant refurbishment. This reopening marks the end of the most extensive overhaul in the facility’s history, including a complete modernization of its machinery room. This renovation not only enhances sustainability and efficiency but also streamlines the processes for filling and emptying Lago, the complex’s main pool.

Mayor Marco González has expressed his gratitude towards the municipal technicians who navigated the challenges associated with refurbishing a 46-year-old facility. The project, costing over 1.3 million euros, represents the largest solely municipal investment to date. “These past months have been challenging, dealing with both administrative and construction complexities inherent in such significant works. We’re thrilled to announce that this Thursday, César Manrique’s magnificent creation, a source of pride for all Puerto residents, will be fully operational once again,” he said.

Lago Martiánez in Puerto de La Cruz set to reopen this Easter

Additionally, the mayor praised the efforts of the Complex staff, who managed to keep parts of the facilities operational, maintaining service quality and visitor numbers, thereby ensuring continuous revenue. This income has been vital in sustaining the complex’s operations without reducing service quality.

The renovation included the installation of a new underwater water filtration system, significantly boosting the sustainability and operational efficiency of the municipal facilities. “The updated machinery room enhances energy efficiency for the main pool’s water management, equivalent to ten Olympic swimming pools, and shortens the time needed for these processes, thereby improving the overall visitor experience,” commented Roberto Medina, the councillor responsible for the Complex.

Lago Martiánez in Puerto de La Cruz set to reopen this Easter

Medina also highlighted technological advancements, such as the integration of domotics, allowing for advanced scheduling of lake fillings to coincide with tidal cycles, easing the workload of the Complex’s operators. During the renovation, the municipal team also enhanced the complex’s landscaping and maintained terrace areas, improving the ambiance of this site, which is also designated as a BIC (Cultural Interest Good) in the category of Historic Garden.

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