Lago Martiánez welcomes its visitors again in Puerto de la Cruz

Half an hour before doors opened, eager visitors lined up to experience the fully restored "jewel in the crown" of Puerto de la Cruz, Lago Martiánez, which unveiled its complete attractions yesterday following a significant investment of 1.3 million euros.

Yesterday, the Costa Martiánez tourist complex in Puerto de la Cruz was buzzing with activity as it prepared to reopen the Canary Islands’ most frequented swimming pools. Eager to dive into the revitalized waters, Renata and Katrina, both hailing from Hamburg, Germany, were positioned at the front of the queue, a full half-hour before opening. They were the first guests to enter the expansive lake area, now fully accessible post the most extensive refurbishment it has witnessed to date.

The reopening ceremony saw Mayor Marco González, Tourism Councillor Roberto Medina, and the complex’s team inaugurate the newly upgraded machinery room. This renovation represents “the largest exclusively municipal investment to date, amounting to approximately 1.3 million euros.” This investment not only rejuvenates the city’s most emblematic facility, crafted by the illustrious Lanzarote artist César Manrique, but also ensures its preservation and enhanced operational efficiency.

Lago Martiánez welcomes visitors again following extensive renovation of its complex

With its water volcano once more a beacon of Canary Islands tourism, the complex, also designated a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC) as a Historic Garden, promises a singular experience. It continues to be highly regarded by the millions of tourists and local visitors who have enjoyed its unique charm since its inauguration in 1977.

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