The Chamber of Commerce highlights the “serious” impact of tourism-phobia on the Canary Islands

"The notion of repelling tourists, the 'no' to visitors, jeopardizes our economy and projects a misleading image of the Canary Islands society," states Santiago Sesé, President of the Chamber.

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Chamber of Commerce strongly condemned a recent incident of tourism-phobia, orchestrated by what it described as a “minority group,” at Reina Sofia Airport’s arrivals area in South Tenerife, branding the act as highly irresponsible. The Chamber urgently called on public bodies to curb the spread of such harmful rhetoric, which directly threatens 35% of the Canary Islands’ GDP and 40% of its job market.

In a statement, the Chamber highlighted the gravity of these incidents, noting that they not only have local implications but also tarnish the islands’ reputation internationally, sending a false and damaging message about Canary Islands society. “These acts of rejection towards tourists endanger our economic stability and propagate a misrepresentation of our community that’s far from the truth,” commented Chamber President Santiago Sesé.

The Chamber of Commerce highlights the "serious" impact of tourism-phobia on the Canary Islands

Sesé further emphasized the critical juncture at which the Canary Islands’ tourism sector finds itself, striving to align with the growing demands for sustainability from travelers. He argued that tourism-phobia campaigns do nothing but sow confusion and aversion, undermining efforts to promote sustainable tourism practices. He critiqued the movements opposing tourism for relying on sensationalized and populist data lacking any solid economic foundation, which are amplified and disseminated without consideration for their far-reaching impacts.

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