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Tenerife’s public transport welcomes 75 new eco-friendly buses

The addition of 75 new buses to the Titsa fleet in Tenerife, 70% of which are hybrid models, marks a significant step towards modernizing the existing fleet, currently averaging over ten years in age.

The Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife recently welcomed the initial batch of 75 new buses, part of a significant expansion that will see 250 new vehicles join the Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife (Titsa) fleet. Notably, 70% of these new buses are hybrid models, marking a strategic move to modernize the existing fleet, some of which have been in service for over a decade. This update aims to slash CO2 emissions and achieve a 30% reduction in fossil fuel usage.

This move represents the largest investment in public transport ever made by the Cabildo, totaling 88.48 million euros. It underscores a commitment to enhancing sustainable mobility for the island’s residents and visitors by introducing new routes and bolstering services on the most heavily trafficked ones, particularly in the northern and southern regions of Tenerife.

Moreover, the new additions to the fleet comply with the latest accessibility standards, positioning Titsa as Spain’s third-largest public transport operator with a fleet that’s both modern and eco-friendly.

Tenerife's public transport welcomes 75 new eco-friendly buses

Rosa Dávila, the President of the Cabildo, emphasized the administration’s ongoing dedication to sustainable mobility in Tenerife, viewing the substantial investment in Titsa and the recruitment of 67 new drivers as pivotal to improving service quality and advancing towards more eco-conscious mobility solutions.

Dávila highlighted the strategic approach to combat the island’s historical traffic challenges by blending infrastructure projects, public transport enhancements, and mobility policies aimed at reducing private vehicle use and promoting public transport.

The new buses, equipped with advanced accessibility features, are expected to significantly upgrade the current fleet, lower its average age to just three years, and transition away from the leasing model previously relied upon for many units. This shift not only promises a substantial cut in CO2 emissions but also anticipates a 30% reduction in fuel consumption, supported by a four-year warranty for the vehicles and a seven-year warranty for the hybrid buses’ batteries.

These fleet enhancements are part of a broader initiative to improve public transport on the island, evidenced by an uptick in Titsa’s passenger numbers across all service areas. In 2023, Titsa transported 69,472,103 passengers, marking a substantial 44.88% increase from the previous year, and reflecting the successful impact of these strategic investments on Tenerife’s public transport system.

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