British media survey citizens on dealing with Tenerife and its “tourism-phobia”

British media pose the question: "Should we boycott the island of Tenerife?"

The British media continues to respond to the perceived “tourism-phobia” that has arisen recently, particularly following various demonstrations called across the Canary Islands advocating for a more sustainable tourism model in the region.

Following reports in English newspapers yesterday about graffiti in Tenerife, the discussion has now extended to Good Morning Britain, a popular morning television program.

During the show, the hosts went as far as to ask viewers whether it would be advisable to “boycott Tenerife” in the upcoming summer season, given recent events. One of the contributors emphasized the importance of “respect” for natural spaces, local traditions, and highlighted concerns about “drunken tourism.”

British media survey citizens on dealing with Tenerife and its "tourism-phobia"

In a live vote conducted on the show, the majority narrowly indicated that they were not in favour of boycotting Tenerife due to the alleged “tourism-phobia.” 53% opposed the idea, while 47% were in favour.

Meanwhile, Fernando Clavijo, the President of the Canary Islands, has urged for “common sense” among those protesting against tourism in the archipelago. He emphasized that tourism is the “main source of employment and wealth” for the region.

Clavijo expressed concern about such demonstrations and condemned insults directed at tourists who visit the Canary Islands to enjoy themselves and contribute to the local economy. He stressed the need for responsible actions and calm, refusing to acknowledge the notion of “tourism-phobia.”

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