Savannah: a new ethnic cuisine restaurant opens in Southern Tenerife

The Savannah restaurant, owned by Javier and Carlos Cabrera, offers a fusion of Latin American, Nikkei, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

A recent addition to Los Cristianos dining scene is Savannah, nestled at Calle Landa Golf, 1, within the Green Garden Eco Resort hotel, offering direct street access.

The restaurant immediately captivates visitors with its decor, featuring an array of sculptures, lamps, tapestries, paintings, and chairs adorned with motifs inspired by the African savannah’s wildlife. This sophisticated ambiance is meticulously curated by María de los Ángeles Losada, mother of Javier and Carlos Cabrera, co-founders of the Monkey Group, renowned for their other establishments like Bésame Mucho and Cielo, situated on Troya beach in Playa de las Américas.

Savannah’s culinary delights are complemented by the expertise of Armando Saldanha from Amaranto restaurant in Tegueste’s Calle Corazón de Jesús. The restaurant’s gastronomic offerings embody an ethnic fusion, drawing inspiration not only from African cuisine but also Latin American, Nikkei, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern flavors. The diverse menu reflects a global influence, with each dish creatively crafted to showcase unique culinary concepts.

New ethnic cuisine restaurant opens in Southern Tenerife

Open to both hotel guests and the public, a visit to Savannah promises a culinary journey of exceptional quality and variety. Highlights include a starter featuring dates with guanciale, followed by a tantalizing sea bass ceviche. A poached aubergine dish follows, dressed with a sherry and olive oil vinaigrette, while lamb shank tacos offer a flavorful treat with spicy tomato sauce and Greek tzatziki.

The main course presents options like perfectly grilled cod with miso and oyster sauce, and a skewer of grilled wagyu beef. Dessert delights with a chocolate and creamy coconut bounty, served with a touch of presentation flair.

Heading the kitchen is Lenin Figueroa, while Ismael González oversees the dining room, and José Muiños manages the Group’s Food and Beverage department, ensuring a seamless and delightful dining experience for patrons.

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