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A significant plume of Saharan dust may impact the Canary Islands

"Meteored" specialist Samuel Biener suggests that temperatures in the Canary Islands might soar to 30ºC among effects of Saharan dust or calima.

Samuel Biener, an expert from Meteored, has warned that the Canary Islands might experience the effects of a substantial influx of Saharan dust this Wednesday, potentially leading to unusual heat across a significant portion of the country.

Biener highlights the impending arrival of multiple weather fronts, anticipated to bring rain and areas of low pressure to the western regions of the mainland Spain. He specifically mentions the influence of various storms, including Olivia, which are expected to contribute to the emergence of a notably warm and abnormal air mass for this time of year.

A significant plume of Saharan dust may impact the Canary Islands

In a similar vein, meteorologist José Manuel Viñas predicts that by Friday, a subtropical air mass will result in maximum temperatures reaching 30ºC in parts of the south and east of the mainland Spain, with temperatures in the Basque Country potentially nearing this mark as well. Additionally, certain areas of the Guadalquivir Valley may see temperatures slightly surpassing 30ºC, with similar conditions anticipated in select areas of the Canary Islands.

According to expert projections, a new trough is set to traverse western Europe, propelling the warm air mass and accompanying haze towards the heart of the continent. Consequently, monitoring air quality will be imperative, as unfavourable readings may be recorded in the eastern Canary Islands and certain mainland areas.

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