Top trending restaurant in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Just Eat Awards have also acknowledged two additional restaurants from the Canary Islands.

The recent ninth edition of the Just Eat Awards has brought recognition to a restaurant in Tenerife, marking a culinary milestone in the Canary Islands.

Securing the prestigious title of ‘Best on-trend restaurant,’ a venue nestled in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has captured the hearts and taste buds of the public. Through an impressive display of gastronomic excellence, the restaurant garnered accolades via votes on the platform, reaching record participation levels this year.

At the forefront of culinary innovation, Vegan District stands as a beacon of distinction, celebrated for its exceptional dining experience and unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Situated on Calle San Vicente Ferrer in the island’s capital, the restaurant boasts a menu brimming with vegan and vegetarian delights. Among its standout offerings are the poké venice, poké Londres, and the sushi burrito venice, each contributing to its widespread acclaim.

Top trending restaurant in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Beyond Vegan District’s triumph, the Canary Islands witnessed further culinary success at the IX Just Eat Awards. Divided into three main categories—regional, food type, and special awards—the event honoured exceptional eateries across the archipelago.

Notably, New Machin in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria earned recognition as the ‘Best on Social Media’ in Spain, drawing praise for its delectable fare, impeccable service, and enticing online presence. Additionally, the restaurant is vying for the title of Best Burger in the Canary Islands as part of the Best Burger Spain competition, featuring its coveted ‘Tinkywinkie’ among the contenders.

Meanwhile, the accolade for ‘Best Restaurant Canary Islands’ found its way to the capital city once more. A chinese restaurant “Taiwan” emerged victorious in the realm of delivery cuisine across the archipelago, delighting patrons with signature dishes such as the three delights rice, chicken with garlic sauce, and chicken with almonds.

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