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A subtropical ridge to shoot up temperatures in the Canary Islands

This week, the Canary Islands will experience a significant shift in temperatures.

This week, the Canary Islands are set to experience a marked transformation in weather conditions due to the advent of a subtropical high-pressure ridge, which is anticipated to push temperature readings to unusually high levels for this period of the year.

Meteored has forecasted that starting Wednesday, a significant uptick in temperatures will sweep across much of Spain. This warming trend is attributed to the influx of a warm air mass, a consequence of the anticyclone’s intensification.

The subtropical ridge, a prominent feature of the subtropical high-pressure zone, spans across the globe near the latitudes of 30°N in the northern hemisphere and 30°S in the southern hemisphere. Characterized by its mild winds and the descending movement of air from higher altitudes, this phenomenon brings with it air that, having traveled from far away land masses rather than oceans, is significantly devoid of moisture. This dry air is a key factor in creating the arid conditions commonly found in subtropical regions.

A subtropical ridge to shoot up temperatures in the Canary Islands

In particular, on Wednesday, the 10th, a sharp temperature increase is anticipated on the eastern Canary Islands, while a more moderate rise is expected on the western islands. Predictions suggest temperatures could reach between 30ºC and 32ºC on the southern and western slopes of Gran Canaria and in the interior regions of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

By Thursday, the 11th, this warming trend is expected to encompass the islands in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The convergence of the warm air mass, strong winds, and abundant sunshine is forecasted to elevate maximum temperatures beyond 30ºC across a broad area, potentially soaring to 34ºC or higher in certain inland and southern locations of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, the southern and northeastern parts of Tenerife, the southern regions of La Gomera and El Hierro, and the southwest of La Palma.

A subtropical ridge to shoot up temperatures in the Canary Islands

AEMET notes that the areas shielded by the cool, trade winds—typically the northern coastal regions—will not experience these elevated temperature peaks.

This weather pattern is expected to persist with minimal changes until at least Sunday, with a noticeable cooling anticipated to commence on Monday, the 15th of April. However, certain localized areas might still see temperatures reaching 30ºC.

Barring any unforeseen developments, this spell of summer-like warmth is projected to conclude by Tuesday, the 16th of April.

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