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Aemet reports positive weather news in the Canary Islands

According to Aemet's weather report, the calima will persist in the Canary Islands, yet temperatures are expected to start decreasing gradually.

Today’s weather forecast from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates that the Canary Islands will experience clear skies with the presence of calima and high cloudiness. The intense heat that the islands have been experiencing is set to gradually diminish.

There will be a slight decline in temperatures, which could be more noticeable in the higher elevations of southern Tenerife and the west coast of La Palma. Despite the general cooling trend, temperatures on the western slopes of La Palma may still reach up to 32 degrees Celsius.

Aemet reports positive weather news in the Canary Islands

Wind patterns will feature light to moderate breezes from the northeast, intensifying in the northwest and southeast areas. The mountainous regions will experience light to moderate westerly winds.

In Gran Canaria, the day will start with clear skies, transitioning to high cloudiness in the afternoon. Haze will be more pronounced on the southern slopes. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura will have cloudy or clear skies throughout the day, with haze intensifying during the latter half. The morning may bring some cloudy intervals along the north and east coasts, with high cloudiness developing from midday onward.

Aemet reports positive weather news in the Canary Islands

Temperature changes will be minimal, with a slight increase possible at higher altitudes, and a mild to moderate decrease in the midlands and coastal areas, particularly in the south. Inland areas of the southern half of the island might still see temperatures reaching up to 34ºC. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, temperatures are expected to range from a high of 27ºC to a low of 20ºC.

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