Countdown to the Ball of Magos in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

A date has been set to reserve a table at the renowned Ball of Magos in the capital of Tenerife.

The Ball of Magos in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a highlight of the capital’s May Festivities, traditionally attracting over 10,000 participants dressed in Canary Islands’ customary attire. Each year on May 2, the streets of La Noria, Candelaria, Bravo Murillo, Afilarmónica Nifú-Nifá, and Campo Castro come alive with more than 500 tables set up for revelers to celebrate the eve of the Day of the Cross.

The City Council has recently announced that tickets for the 2024 event will go on sale next Monday, April 22, starting at 09:30. Reservations for tables at this grand celebration can be made online at

Moreover, 70 tickets will be available for direct purchase at the OAFAR offices, where they can be collected in person.

Countdown to the Ball of Magos in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Photo credit: Canary Islands Tourism

This year, the Council has not only increased the number of tables from 500 to 700 but also raised the price per table to 15 euros, up from 10 euros last year, to accommodate more attendees and enhance the event.

Before the festivities begin, there will be a Floral Offering to the Virgin of La Candelaria, honouring the Patroness of the Canary Islands. This ceremony sets the stage for a night filled with local culinary delights such as kneaded gofio and fine local wines, featuring the traditional Baile de Taifas and performances by orchestras at Plaza Europa, making it a vibrant celebration of local culture and community spirit.

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