The Canary Islands government declines to purchase the land for La Tejita Hotel citing “dangerous precedent”

The developer of the La Tejita hotel in Tenerife, Canary Islands, confirms that all necessary authorizations for the entire plot have been obtained for the construction.

This Wednesday, the Parliament of the Canary Islands rejected a PSOE-proposed law with votes from the quadripartite coalition (CC, PP, ASG, AHI) and Vox. The law aimed to urge the Canary Islands Government to finalize a purchase initiated by the ‘Pacto de las Flores’ government for a plot in La Tejita (Granadilla de Abona), where a hotel construction is currently underway, to halt the building work and enhance the environmental preservation of the Montaña Roja Special Nature Reserve.

Patricia Hernández, the MP defending the proposal, emphasized the urgency to make a decisive choice on whether to cease the construction and reclaim the area for public use. She highlighted that halting the works was a public demand, noting that purchase discussions started in 2022 with allocated budget funds.

The Canary Islands government declines to purchase the land for La Tejita Hotel citing "dangerous precedent"

Hernández criticized Coalición Canaria for politicizing the issue and accused President Fernando Clavijo of dishonesty regarding the issuance of construction permits by the PSOE, asserting that the licenses were actually approved under his governance.

Hernández also argued that the financial resources for purchasing the land were available, pointing out the Inheritance and Gift Tax rebate and additional government expenditures that could cover the cost in less than two years. She positioned the vote against the proposition as opposing public demands to preserve the last untouched natural beach in the island’s south, suggesting profound implications for future governance and public accountability.

Raúl Acosta from the Mixed Group (AHI) and Jesús Ramos Chinea from Agrupación Socialista Gomera (ASG) both expressed concerns about setting a “dangerous” precedent of using public funds to correct urban planning mistakes, advocating instead for dialogue and consensus among stakeholders.

The Canary Islands government declines to purchase the land for La Tejita Hotel citing "dangerous precedent"

Vox spokesman Nicasio Galván emphasized that with all necessary building permits in place, reversing the decision would undermine legal certainty and deter private investment. In contrast, Natalia Santana of Nueva Canarias-Bloque Canarista (NC-BC) supported the PSOE’s proposal, citing negotiations during the previous government to purchase the site for €25 million due to its controversial location near a protected area and widespread public concern.

Lastly, Jennifer Curbelo of the Popular Party criticized the PSOE’s inconsistent stance on hotel developments, while Miguel Martín Fumero from Coalición Canaria labeled the proposal as opportunistic and populist, accusing the PSOE’s former mayor of leaving financial burdens on Granadilla’s current administration.

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