Prepare your traditional Canarian attire: a guide to this weekend’s pilgrimages in Tenerife

The neighbourhoods and villages across Tenerife are adorned to celebrate traditional festivities.

This weekend, Tenerife’s neighbourhoods and villages are donning their festive best for traditional pilgrimages that celebrate a rich tapestry of folklore, gastronomy, religion, and tradition.

Residents and visitors alike are invited to immerse themselves in the vibrant Canarian culture with a series of pilgrimages scheduled to animate the island on the second Saturday and Sunday of May.

Traditional romerías this Saturday, 11th May

Prepare your traditional Canarian attire: a guide to this weekend's pilgrimages in Tenerife

In Tejina, the Romería de El Pico kicks off at 17:00 with a parade of floats. The afternoon will be lively with music from local groups such as Guantejina, Chisaje, Rodríguez de Mila, Atalaya, Isogue, San Borondón, Itamar, and numerous other impromptu musical assemblies.

Sunday, 12th May

Pilgrimage of Arguayo – Santiago del Teide: Celebrations in Arguayo begin with a Eucharist at 13:15 in honour of San Isidro Labrador, followed by a traditional procession to Las Eras park. Upon arrival, musical performances are scheduled, and the festivities will conclude at the cultural centre with a grand dance featuring the Wamampy and Sabrosa orchestras.

Prepare your traditional Canarian attire: a guide to this weekend's pilgrimages in Tenerife

Pilgrimage of San Isidro Labrador – Fasnia: Starting at 14:00, the procession in La Sabina Alta, Fasnia, will meander from Plaza de La Sombrera through town to Plaza de la Iglesia de Sabina Alta, where the community will gather for a popular verbena.

Pilgrimage of San Matías – La Laguna: Taco, a neighbourhood in La Laguna, will host its pilgrimage from 12:00 noon. Musical groups including Aguariguay, Princesa Iraya, Tacoremi, and Parranderos y Punto will participate. Post-pilgrimage, attendees can enjoy paella and continue the celebration into the evening with music from the Makako orchestra.

San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de La Cabeza Pilgrimage – Granadilla: This pilgrimage begins at 13:00 following a mass. Mid-route, there will be a traditional offering to San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza at the old hermitage. The day concludes with a verbena at the fairgrounds from 16:30 to midnight, featuring orchestras Nueva Ilusión, Ideales, and Wamampy.

These gatherings not only preserve the rich cultural heritage of Tenerife but also bring communities together in celebration of shared traditions and new beginnings.

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