Canary Islands to sign ‘code of ethics’ with rental platforms for legal accommodation

The Minister of Tourism and Employment of the Canary Islands, Jessica de León, has announced plans to convene holiday rental platforms to establish a 'code of ethics' that ensures all listings are legal and meet quality standards.

Jessica de León, the Minister of Tourism and Employment for the Government of the Canary Islands, recently announced an upcoming initiative to engage with holiday rental platforms. The aim is to establish a ‘code of ethics’ that guarantees all listed rentals comply with legal and quality standards. This move seeks to address the issue of non-compliant listings, such as inappropriate makeshift accommodations on properties, which have been a concern on platforms like Airbnb.

During a press briefing, de León highlighted the importance of Airbnb’s involvement in the legislative process surrounding the holiday rental law in the Canary Islands. She noted that the platform plays a crucial role in regulating the sector and ensuring the legality of the advertisements it hosts. The Minister stressed the need for transparency and cooperation among all stakeholders to ensure that the accommodations offered meet the necessary standards of quality and legality.

Canary Islands to sign 'code of ethics' with rental platforms for legal accommodation

In her discussion on the proposed holiday rental law for the Canary Islands, de León expressed satisfaction with the public’s engagement during the consultation period. She detailed that each submission is being meticulously reviewed to integrate public feedback effectively. The goal is to expedite the law by declaring it urgent by the end of June, which would streamline the process for obtaining necessary reports.

Looking forward to the legislative process, de León anticipates that the law will be brought before Parliament in September. She is hopeful for widespread agreement among lawmakers and is open to revising certain aspects of the proposed regulations that have been criticized as too restrictive. This includes ensuring that such activities are properly aligned with urban planning requirements.

Canary Islands to sign 'code of ethics' with rental platforms for legal accommodation

The Minister described this period as critical for a detailed examination of the proposals and for finding common ground among conflicting viewpoints, aiming to forge a path forward that benefits both the tourism sector and local communities.

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