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Weather agency warns of impact of squall wave on Canary Islands

A strong anticyclone will affect the weather on the Canary Islands this weekend.

This week, the Canary Islands will experience a drop in temperatures and an increase in rainfall due to a strong anticyclone and an Atlantic squall. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates that the decrease in temperatures will persist over the weekend because of the cloudiness associated with the anticyclone.

This weather pattern, originating in the Azores, brings a flow of cool air and increased cloud cover. Throughout the week, temperatures have progressively dropped, particularly on the islands with the highest elevations.

Aemet warns of impact of squall wave on Canary Islands

Aemet has issued a warning about an Atlantic squall that will introduce cold air masses, storms, and rain to Spain. In the Canary Islands, a slight atmospheric disturbance is expected at intermediate levels, heightening instability over the weekend.

Weather Forecast for the Canary Islands Over the Weekend

Aemet warns of impact of squall wave on Canary Islands

Friday to Sunday: Precipitation is anticipated across the archipelago. On Friday, clouds will advance from west to east, with isolated showers expected in the northern areas of the islands, especially those with higher terrain.

Saturday: The weather will remain unstable, with heavy showers likely during the day, particularly in the north of the Canary Islands.

Sunday Morning: Some showers are expected, especially in the north of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, while strong trade winds will continue to blow.

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