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Cloudy skies and scattered showers expected in the Canary Islands this Saturday

This Saturday, the Canary Islands will experience cloudy skies and scattered showers, particularly in the inland southern areas, while Spain faces widespread instability with rain and thunderstorms in the north.

This Saturday, the Canary Islands will experience generally cloudy skies with the possibility of scattered light showers, particularly in the inland areas facing south. These showers could be locally moderate and in the form of brief downpours. However, the northern coasts may see some clearings during the central hours of the day.

Meanwhile, across Spain, instability will persist, especially in the northern part of the peninsula. Rain is expected in the north and northwest regions, with Barcelona and Gerona (Catalonia) under weather warnings, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). In contrast, temperatures will rise on the southern plateau and in Murcia, reaching up to 30ºC.

Northern Spanish Mainland and General Conditions

Cloudy skies and scattered showers expected in the Canary Islands this Saturday

AEMET forecasts continuing instability in the north of the peninsula due to a low-pressure system evolving into a DANA (Isolated High-Level Depression). This will result in predominantly cloudy skies and precipitation throughout the region.

During the afternoon, cloudiness will develop, intensifying rainfall and possibly leading to occasional thunderstorms. This weather is expected to spread to the rest of the northern third and the central mountains. In Catalonia, rains may be locally heavy, with a similar intensity possible in the inland northwest.

Showers in Other Regions

  • Central Peninsula, Levante, and Balearic Islands: Cloudy intervals are expected, with a slight chance of weak and isolated showers in central flat areas.
  • Southern Half of Spain: Lightly cloudy skies will prevail.

In the Canary Islands, cloudiness will increase, especially over the islands with higher relief, where precipitation is expected. AEMET does not rule out some light showers in the other islands. Additionally, weak frosts are anticipated in the Pyrenees, with snow levels ranging from 1,600 to 2,000 meters in the northwest and around 2,000 meters in the Pyrenees.


  • Rising Maximum Temperatures: Southern plateau and Murcia will see an increase, with Murcia expected to reach 30ºC, Seville 29ºC, and Cordoba 28ºC.
  • Falling Maximum Temperatures: Expected in Levante.
  • Minimum Temperatures: Will rise in Galicia and Gerona, but fall on the southern plateau.

Additional Weather Conditions

  • Morning Mist and Fog: Likely in the far north, the Spanish mainland, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Balearic Islands, and the mountainous areas of the Canary Islands.
  • Winds: Light to moderate westerly winds across the peninsula, except in the northeast and Balearic Islands, where they will be variable. In Galicia, winds will turn north, and moderate trade winds are expected in the Canary Islands.

This comprehensive forecast provides a detailed outlook for Saturday’s weather, highlighting the variability and specific conditions across different regions of Spain and the Canary Islands.

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