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Upcoming eclipses and meteor showers visible in the Canary Islands

In the coming months, a series of astronomical events, solar and lunar eclipses and meteor showers, are expected to be visible in the Canary Islands.

The year 2024 is proving to be a fascinating period for astronomy enthusiasts. Already, we have witnessed several meteor showers, a total solar eclipse, and even sightings of the northern lights in the Canary Islands.

Upcoming Astronomical Events in the Canary Islands:

In the coming months, the Canary Islands will be treated to a series of spectacular astronomical events, including eclipses, planetary conjunctions, comets, supermoons, and meteor showers. Some of these phenomena are once-in-a-lifetime events, so it’s advisable to keep track of their timings and prepare accordingly.

Upcoming Eclipses and Meteor Showers Visible in the Canary Islands

Eclipses Remaining in 2024:

  • Lunar Eclipse on 18 September: Visible in the Western Hemisphere, starting at 02:41 (Spanish peninsular time) with its maximum at 04:44.
  • Solar Eclipse on 2 October: An annular solar eclipse primarily visible in the Americas and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, beginning at 20:50 (Spanish peninsular time).

Key Astronomical Events in 2024:

Full Moons:

  • 22 June: Strawberry Moon
  • 21 July: Deer Moon
  • 19 August: Sturgeon Moon
  • 18 September: Harvest Moon
  • 17 October: Hunter’s Moon
  • 15 November: Beaver Moon
  • 15 December: Cold Moon

Meteor Showers:

Upcoming Eclipses and Meteor Showers Visible in the Canary Islands

  • July: Delta Aquarids
  • August: Perseids
  • October: Draconids
  • November: Leonids
  • December: Geminids

Planetary Conjunctions:

  • 31 May: Mercury-Uranus
  • 4 June: Jupiter-Mercury
  • 15 July: Mars-Uranus
  • 7 August: Mercury-Venus
  • 14 August: Mars-Jupiter

Prepare your telescopes and mark your calendars to make the most of these celestial events in 2024.

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