Canary Market Place is on: over 40 Canary Island brands, free activities, and gastronomy

Canary Market Place has a new date, featuring over 40 Canary Island brands, free activities, and local gastronomy.

After the cancellation of the event in March due to the adverse weather alert, the 11th edition of the Canary Market Place will be held on the 1st and 2nd of June in Nueva Atalaya in La Laguna, with the participation of 45 Canary Island firms and a new programme of activities for children and adults. In this way, crafts, design, and local talent come together in one of the most outstanding gastronomic, cultural, and leisure events in the municipality on Saturday from 11:00 to 21:00 and Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00. Admission will be free.

In its new location, visitors will be able to make use of the facilities of the riding club, the cafeteria, garden areas, chill-out terraces, and its two free parking areas. This incomparable natural setting is 5 minutes from Tenerife North Airport and 7 minutes from the historic centre of La Laguna, at the foot of the El Púlpito mountain.

Almost 45 firms from the fields of design, fashion, crafts, and art will be exhibiting their creations both in open air stands and in the indoor area of the fairgrounds. Their works have a Canarian stamp, and although most of them come from La Laguna and other Tenerife municipalities, there will also be contributions from other islands, such as La Palma Artesanía.

Canary Market Place is on: over 40 Canary Island brands, free activities, and gastronomy

In addition to being a space for art ‘made in the Canary Islands’, this event, which is free of charge, is also a place of entertainment for the whole family. This weekend there is a full programme of activities for children and adults, enlivened by musical performances and a gastronomic service by López Echeto, as well as cocktail bars and much more.

At the same time, the Market coincides with the National Equestrian Show Jumping Competition, which will be held at the same Nueva Atalaya Equestrian Club from Friday 31st May to 2nd June. There will be a total of 80 participants and admission is free.

The Canary Market Place is supported by La Laguna Zona Comercial, La Atalaya events, Toke gráfico and Avanti Clinics.

On their social networks @canarymarketplace and on their official website you can find more information and registration methods to participate in the activities with limited capacity.

Canary Market Place: Nearly 45 Brands to Represent the Talent of the Archipelago

Canary Market Place is on: over 40 Canary Island brands, free activities, and gastronomy

The Canary Market Place is positioned as one of the most important events to support local commerce in La Laguna, due to the success of its previous editions and the wide representation of Canary Island firms.

Among them are “Algodón en Verde” and “Leemonts.Tfe” as sustainable brands, “Karin y punto” as an artisan with extensive experience, “Sentir la Tribu” as a leading company in children’s products and maternity support, as well as other brands for the little ones, such as “Misslazos” and “Smil3s”.

Other brands from La Laguna, such as “Sensaciones Love Shop” and Tenerife Moda, such as “Azusal”, “Handcrafted” and “Farobag”, will also be present. The Canarian caricaturist Zaguán de Carlines will also be present on Saturday, from 12:00 to 14:00.

Among the accessories firms are also “QuéChachi”, “María Cantalapiedra” or “Arual”, as well as “La Palma Artesanía” to celebrate the talent of other islands.

A Cocktail of Activities for the Whole Family

Canary Market Place is on: over 40 Canary Island brands, free activities, and gastronomy

The weekend programme includes more than 10 activities parallel to the stands, where leisure, music, gastronomy, sport, and culture converge.

Taking advantage of the facilities of the equestrian club and its team of professionals, the Market offers an environmental awareness and animal care service, as well as a sporting experience with horses for children. As a complement, the children’s programme includes singing games, workshops, and inflatables.

Literature will also make its way into the Market, which will have a space for local writers to exhibit their books and for the public to get to know their works more closely.

The days will be accompanied by music from opening to closing, with live performances. With more than 20 years of experience in the music world, the singer Shane comes to Nueva Atalaya from Ireland to present his collection of covers of well-known hits by artists such as Ed Sheeran, Bob Marley, The Eagles, and many more. Also, David Manso and Nico López, DJs, will be in charge of closing Saturday and Sunday.

The Canary Market Place commemorates its 11th edition proposing a complete plan to enjoy a weekend in company, giving voice to the talent of the Islands and betting on local commerce; two fundamental pieces that have made this Market one of the most sought after in the municipality of La Laguna.

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