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Weather agency updates its forecast for the Canary Islands

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) forecasts variable weather for the Canary Islands and mainland Spain this Sunday, with cloudy intervals, possible light haze, and fluctuating temperatures.

On Sunday, the weather in the Canary Islands experience cloudy intervals, tending to clear during the central hours in low-lying areas of the north of the larger islands and in the north and west of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Additionally, there will be a light haze at altitude, which will dissipate throughout the day.

In the rest of Spain, maximum temperatures are expected to decrease in the southern third of the mainland. Málaga will record a maximum of 23ºC, although Seville will maintain 35ºC, and Córdoba will reach 34ºC, according to the forecast by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). Strong wind gusts are expected in Galicia and the Strait.

Conversely, temperatures will rise in the rest of Spain, particularly in northeastern Catalonia and the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Mountain ranges.

Minimum Temperatures in the Canary Islands

Weather agency updates its forecast for the Canary Islands

Minimum temperatures will remain relatively unchanged, although increases are expected in the Canary Islands and the northern half of the mainland, with decreases in the rest of the territory, reaching as low as 5ºC in León.

The northern mainland will be influenced by a humid flow, causing cloudy skies or intervals of clouds in the Cantabrian slope, upper Ebro, northern Iberian System, and Pyrenees, with light rain in the eastern Cantabrian region, which may also occur elsewhere.

There will also be morning clouds in the east of the northern plateau and the interior of Murcia and Alicante, with partly cloudy skies. In the Strait and Melilla, these clouds will be more persistent, with the possibility of drizzle.

Weather forecast for this afternoon

Weather agency updates its forecast for the Canary Islands

In the afternoon, cloud cover will increase in the eastern mainland, around the Central System and western Cantabrian, southern sierras, and Balearic Islands, with a chance of showers in northeastern Catalonia, which may also occur in Mallorca, southern Iberian region, Valencia interior, and the Béticas. Elsewhere, skies will be mostly clear, except for some low clouds in northern Canary Islands.

Morning fog patches are not ruled out in the mountains of the far north, nor the presence of suspended dust around the Alboran Sea and eastern Canary Islands.

Winds will be light to moderate and from the north in the Canary Islands, northern half of the mainland, and northern Balearic Islands, with strong intervals on the Galician coast, possibly extending to Ampurdán.

In the rest of Spain, winds will predominantly be from the east and south, with strong easterly winds and very strong gusts around the Strait, with occasional strong intervals on the southeast coasts.

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