Countdown to Marc Anthony’s performance at the inaugural Tenerife Music Festival

The Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is all set to host the inaugural Tenerife Music Festival on June 8 and 9, featuring a headline performance by Marc Anthony and a lineup poised to make this event a new landmark on the global music festival map.

The Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is gearing up for the first edition of the Tenerife Music Festival, scheduled for June 8 and 9. Organized by newEvent and Farra World, the festival aims to set a new standard on the global festival scene, featuring a lineup led by Marc Anthony, the king of Latin music. Anthony will showcase his latest album, ‘Muvense,’ released in April, featuring lively tracks like ‘Ale Ale’—a celebration of Latin unity.

On Saturday, attendees can expect a memorable performance from Marc Anthony, including his greatest hits such as ‘Valió la pena’, ‘Vivir mi vida’, ‘Ahora quién’, and ‘Tu amor me hace bien’. The event promises a star-studded lineup with three-time Grammy winner Bobby Bob, Sta Pedro, Efecto Pasillo, and Real El Canario also set to perform.

Countdown to Marc Anthony's performance at the inaugural Tenerife Music Festival

The festival continues into Sunday with an opening act by Juana la Cubana Dj, followed by the Italian-Spanish duo Delaporte, known for their influence in the electronic and electro-pop scenes. Rozalén, a singer-songwriter from Albacete, will perform hits and tracks from her sixth album, ‘El abrazo’, which explores a range of musical styles and includes ‘Tres días en Cartagena’, a collaboration with Carlos Vives.

La Oreja de Van Gogh, fronted by Leire Martínez, will delight fans with classics and new tracks from their latest album ‘Un susurro en la tormenta’. Mikel Izal will present his debut solo album, ‘El miedo y el paraíso’, while Vetusta Morla will close the festival, performing their seventh album ‘Figurantes’ before taking a break until 2026.

Countdown to Marc Anthony's performance at the inaugural Tenerife Music Festival

Tickets for the Tenerife Music Festival are available online and at select locations, with organizers Leo Mansito (newEvent) and Alexis González (Farra World) expressing optimism about the festival’s appeal to both local and international audiences. They highlighted the event’s role in elevating Tenerife and the Canary Islands on the national and international music circuits.

The festival is supported by various sponsors including the European Union through the NextGenerationEU funds, the Government of Spain, the Canary Islands government, and local partners, ensuring a significant cultural and tourist boost for the region.

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