Casa Egon: The oldest sweet shop in the Canary Islands resides in Tenerife

Casa Egon, established in 1916 in La Orotava, Tenerife, is the oldest sweet shop in the Canary Islands, renowned for blending traditional German confectionery techniques with local flavors and maintaining a commitment to artisanal quality and original recipes.

Tenerife is home to Casa Egon, the oldest confectionery in the Canary Islands, established in 1916. Located in the quaint town of La Orotava, this sweet shop has been blending German baking techniques with local flavors for over a century.

The establishment was founded by Egon Wende Bard, who landed in Tenerife by chance during World War I when his ship stopped to resupply on its way to Africa. Opting to stay, Egon opened a small workshop in La Orotava and soon after, the Confitería Taoro. He quickly became known for his innovative approach, incorporating local ingredients into traditional German recipes, which introduced new and exciting products to the local market.

Casa Egon: The oldest sweet shop in the Canary Islands resides in Tenerife

Angel Luis Rocío, Egon’s great-nephew and the current manager of Casa Egon, emphasizes that the confectionery has always valued artisanal quality, original recipe fidelity, and a heartfelt dedication to each creation. He fondly recalls how Egon embraced local culture, exploring Tenerife with his camera and walking stick whenever he had free time, capturing the beauty of the island he grew to love.

The core philosophy of Casa Egon is to remain true to its roots while making minimal changes to preserve its traditional essence and quality. The confectionery, beloved by generations of La Orotava residents, still operates in its original location. The café area remains largely unchanged, and the sweets are made according to Egon’s original recipes.

Casa Egon: The oldest sweet shop in the Canary Islands resides in Tenerife

Today, under the stewardship of Angel Luis, Casa Egon produces nearly 60 different types of sweets, including egg rolls, chocolate and mocha drums. Among these, the milhojas, made with puff pastry, cream, and apricot jam, stand out as a particularly popular treat, often selling out quickly due to their popularity.

Casa Egon continues to be a cherished part of La Orotava’s culinary heritage, a testament to a rich history of cultural integration and culinary innovation.

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