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Updated forecast for the Canary Islands: Umbrella weather ahead

The Aemet advises carrying an umbrella in the Canary Islands today due to cloudy skies and a chance of scattered drizzle, with stable temperatures and light to moderate northern winds.

Today, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) advises residents and visitors in the Canary Islands to keep their umbrellas handy as the weather is set to be predominantly cloudy with opportunities for scattered drizzle. Specifically, while the summits may clear up slightly, the northern regions are expected to see partial cloudiness from midday onward. Additionally, high cloud intervals are anticipated, particularly during the second half of the day.

Temperature-wise, there will be minimal changes. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, temperatures will peak at 27 degrees Celsius and dip to a minimum of 19 degrees in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Winds across these areas will be light to moderate from the north, accompanied by breezes along the west coast.

Updated forecast for the Canary Islands: Umbrella weather ahead

In the Las Palmas province, the day will start with cloud cover and a low chance of morning drizzle, particularly in the northern areas. The clouds are expected to give way to lighter skies from midday. Throughout the province, intermittent cloudy conditions will persist, with an increased presence of high clouds as the day progresses.

Temperature readings in Las Palmas will be consistent with the broader island trends, with the mercury reaching up to 26 degrees Celsius in Arrecife and dropping to 19 degrees in Puerto del Rosario. Like in other parts of the islands, the wind will continue to blow from the north with light to moderate intensity.

Updated forecast for the Canary Islands: Umbrella weather ahead

Overall, while the weather in the Canary Islands today will not feature significant temperature variations, the combination of drizzle and cloudy skies makes it a good day to have an umbrella at the ready.

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