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Tenerife bus services update summer timetables

Starting this Saturday, June 22nd, Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife (TITSA) will introduce new summer timetables for several bus routes, adapting services to meet the increased demand during the warmer months.

Starting next Saturday, June 22nd, Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife (TITSA) will implement its summer timetables, active until early September, to better cater to the seasonal demand of passengers traveling to various coastal destinations across the island.

Key Changes to Summer Bus Schedules

Tenerife bus services update summer timetables

  • Intercity Services Adjustments:
  • Routes 021 (Tacoronte-Mesa de Mar) and 023 (Tacoronte-El Pris) will see an increase in service frequency.
  • Route 050 (La Laguna-Bajamar-Punta Hidalgo) will also increase its number of journeys.
  • Line 014 (Santa Cruz Tenerife-La Laguna Interchange) will adjust its frequencies to better suit passenger needs.
  • Line 012 (La Laguna – Tacoronte – El Sauzal) and Line 52 (La Laguna interchange with Tegueste via El Socorro) will see modifications in their schedules.
  • Routes 122 (Santa Cruz Interchange – Caletillas – Candelaria), 138, and 139 (Santa Cruz Interchange with Radazul and Tabaiba) will enhance afternoon services to support the return trips from beach areas.
  • Special Summer Routes:
  • Route 546 will operate from Los Realejos town center to Socorro beach.
  • Line 376 (La Orotava Station to El Rincón) and Line 369 (Buenavista-Teno) will increase their frequency, with Line 369 starting services at 09:00 and ending at 19:45 from Teno starting July 1st.
Tenerife bus services update summer timetables

  • Santa Cruz Urban Services:
  • Line 948 between Benijo and Taganana will be reactivated on weekends and public holidays.
  • Line 946 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife Interchange – Taganana – Almaciga) will add two more journeys in each direction on weekends and holidays.
  • Line 910 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife Interchange – San Andrés – Las Teresitas Beach) will increase its frequency to accommodate beachgoers.
  • Lines 905, 934, and 936 will adjust their frequencies according to weekday demand.
  • La Laguna Urban Services:
  • Line 224 (Interchange La Laguna-Valle Guerra-Tejina-Punta del Hidalgo) will modify its schedules and route to serve coastal areas such as La Barranquera and Jover more effectively.
  • Line 217 (La Laguna Interchange – Los Andenes – El Cardonal – Hospital Universitario de Canarias) will also see timetable adjustments.

Discontinued Routes:

Several routes will be temporarily suspended, including Routes 392, 410, 412, 419, 421, 463, 486, as well as the 606 and 608 shuttles servicing the Guajara campus. These services are primarily academic and will resume with the new school year in September.

For detailed schedule information and updates, passengers are encouraged to visit the TITSA website at, call the TITSA customer service at 922.53.13.00, or check the company’s social media platforms.

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