British dj wAFF to headline Papagayo Tenerife’s summer opening

This Saturday, Papagayo Tenerife will host British DJ wAFF, a towering figure in the electronic music scene, for their highly anticipated Summer Opening event.

This Saturday, 22nd June, Papagayo Tenerife will pulsate with the beats of internationally acclaimed British DJ, wAFF, at their eagerly anticipated Summer Opening event. Known for his influential presence in the global electronic music scene, wAFF’s journey from the vibrant dance floors of Leeds to the most prestigious global stages has firmly established him as a leading figure in British electronic music and one of the standout artists of the decade.

wAFF is set to take the stage as the main act, alongside Papagayo’s resident DJs Luis Groove, Beto Uña, and Alex Wellmann, promising an electrifying showcase of talent. As the frontman of Nature Records and a key contributor to Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations and Paradise labels, wAFF has been instrumental in defining contemporary electronic sounds, with notable performances at Ibiza’s iconic DC10 and other world-renowned venues.

British DJ wAFF to Headline Papagayo Tenerife’s Summer Opening

His deep connection with his music reflects his philosophy: “My music is my music and my spiritual side is my spiritual side. I believe that my energy comes through my music but, for those who are creative, their energy comes through each of their creative acts.” This belief underscores his approach both behind the decks and in the studio, where his dynamic and spirited sessions continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

British DJ wAFF to Headline Papagayo Tenerife’s Summer Opening

As a DJ and producer whose career has spanned the sacred spaces of electronic music—from ‘Fabric London’ to Brazil’s ‘Warung’ and festivals like ‘Tomorrowland’—wAFF’s reputation is well-established. Yet, he retains a freshness in his performances, making every session as thrilling as his first. This weekend’s performance at Papagayo Tenerife is expected to be a pivotal highlight of the summer, showcasing his unparalleled skill and enduring appeal in the electronic music landscape.

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