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Anticipated construction dates for Tenerife’s railway announced

The Canary Islands could see the construction of long-discussed railway projects beginning as soon as 2027, aiming to enhance connectivity and mobility within the region.

The much-anticipated railway projects on the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife are projected to start construction before the end of the current legislative term in 2027, disclosed Pablo Rodríguez, the regional councillor for Public Works and Mobility, this Wednesday. He shared these insights while unveiling a comprehensive sustainability plan that stretches to 2040, aimed at achieving the decarbonisation of the archipelago.

Rodríguez revealed the new approach to building the railways in phases, which breaks down the immense financial requirements into more manageable parts. “Instead of needing 4,000 million euros upfront, we are discussing segments that require 300 or 400 million euros, making it more feasible financially,” he explained.

Anticipated construction dates for Tenerife's railway announced

For Gran Canaria, the potential for funding through European Next Generation funds could kickstart the initial segments of the railway, with the Canary Islands Government engaging in promising discussions with the Spanish Government to integrate these rail projects into the national network for stable funding.

The initial segments planned include a stretch from Vecindario to the airport in Gran Canaria and between San Isidro and Las Américas in Tenerife. The tendering process, particularly for Gran Canaria’s segment managed by Ferrocarriles de Gran Canaria, hinges significantly on securing European subsidies.

María Fernández, the Director General of Transport, highlighted ongoing efforts with the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility to secure recognition and funding for the island’s rail projects within national investment plans. “We are establishing legislative and financial frameworks to ensure that these vital infrastructures are not left to intermittent financial negotiations,” she stated.

Advancing Sustainable Mobility: Railway Construction Projects in the Canary Islands

Anticipated construction dates for Tenerife's railway announced

This proactive approach underscores a strategic shift towards sustainable mobility, emphasizing the necessity for a legislative tool that not only recognizes but also incorporates these transport modes into broader national strategies.

In conclusion, with strategic planning and collaborative efforts at both local and national levels, the Canary Islands are poised to commence their ambitious railway projects, promising a future of enhanced, sustainable mobility across the islands.

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