Global warming impacting tourist loyalty to holiday destinations

A recent Caixabank Research study highlights how climate change, particularly heatwaves, is impacting tourist loyalty and repeat visits to Tenerife and other Canary Islands.

A recent study by Caixabank Research underscores the growing impact of climate change on tourist preferences, indicating that extreme heat can deter repeat visits to popular holiday destinations like the Canary Islands. Published on June 21, 2024, the study analyzes the spending behavior of tourists using foreign cards in Spain during the high seasons of 2022 and 2023, demonstrating that repeat visitors typically spend more and prefer longer stays.

Particularly in Tenerife, a location famed for its high repeat visitor rates, the study highlights a worrying trend: as global temperatures climb, tourist loyalty is increasingly at risk. According to the study, a daily temperature exceeding the historical average by 5 degrees reduces the likelihood of visitors returning. This likelihood decreases even further during intense heatwaves, defined by temperature spikes above 8 degrees.

Global warming impacting tourist loyalty to holiday destinations

These findings are concerning for regions like the Canary Islands, where the local economy heavily relies on tourism. The study points out that extreme heatwaves, often resulting from hot African air masses, affect visitors differently based on their nationality. British and American tourists, who form a significant part of Tenerife’s visitor base, are especially sensitive to these temperature rises, whereas French and Portuguese tourists show more resilience.

Given these challenges, Caixabank Research emphasizes the importance of strategic investments to adapt to climate change and promote sustainability within the tourism sector. The report suggests several adaptive measures including enhancing infrastructural resilience to better accommodate visitors during extreme weather conditions, modernizing hotels with energy-efficient and sustainable air conditioning systems, and creating more shaded and green areas in tourist hotspots.

Global warming impacting tourist loyalty to holiday destinations

These initiatives aim to mitigate the urban heat island effect, provide relief from sweltering temperatures, and ensure the health and comfort of both tourists and local residents. Such efforts are critical for maintaining the attractiveness of Tenerife and other similar destinations in the face of ongoing climate challenges.

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