Celebrating a decade of marine splendor: International Ocean Film Tour Volume 10

The International Ocean Film Tour Volume 10 kicks off its celebration in Gran Canaria, showcasing a captivating selection of marine-themed documentaries that highlight the beauty and environmental challenges of our oceans.

On June 2, 2024, the International Ocean Film Tour Volume 10 launched its first event at the Guiniguada Theatre in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This festival, held in high regard across Europe, marks its tenth anniversary with a compelling line-up of short films and documentaries.

These works explore the vast beauty and delicate balance of the oceans, bringing together a crowd of enthusiasts eager to dive deeper into marine narratives. Organized by Kinema Producciones and Germany’s Moving Adventures GmbH, this festival has continued to inspire and engage audiences with its impactful and beautifully crafted stories.

Featured Documentaries

Celebrating a decade of marine splendor: International Ocean Film Tour Volume 10

This year’s festival featured five distinct documentaries, each providing a unique glimpse into various aspects of marine life and adventure:

  • Born to Windsurf by Gerald Salmina (Austria, 2023) – 25 min.
  • Return to Antarctica by Robbie Newby (Australia, 2021) – 20 min.
  • Havana Libre by Corey McLean (Cuba-USA, 2021) – 37 min.
  • Ice Mermaid by Dan McComb (USA, 2022) – 25 min.
  • Older Than Trees by Pippa Ehrlich, produced by Save Our Seas Foundation & Sea Change Project (South Africa, 2023) – 17 min.

Upcoming Screenings Across the Canary Islands

Following its success in Gran Canaria, the tour is set to continue across the Canary Islands:

  • Teatro Guimerá, Santa Cruz de Tenerife – July 14, 2024
  • Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote – July 27, 2024
  • Corralejo Auditorium, Fuerteventura – September 27, 2024

A Global Marine Odyssey

For over 18 years, the International Ocean Film Tour has been a pivotal celebration of the ocean’s grandeur and its ecological challenges. It has carved out a niche as a must-attend event for ocean lovers, annually presenting a curated selection of the finest ocean-themed films. Highlights from this year include Havana Libre, which portrays the challenges Cuban surfers face due to restrictive laws, and Born to Windsurf, following Bjørn Dunkerbeck’s daring speed challenges. Other films focus on environmental challenges and adventures that bring to light the urgent need for marine conservation.

Conservation Through Cinema

The festival’s mission extends beyond entertainment; it is a movement geared towards the conservation and protection of our oceans. By showcasing these stories, the International Ocean Film Tour aims to elevate public awareness about the importance of healthy oceans and to encourage actions that ensure their sustainability for generations to come. Through cinematic art, the festival inspires a deeper respect and commitment to our planet’s blue heart.

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