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San Juan weekend weather update: Windy and warm conditions across the Canary Islands

The State Meteorological Agency forecasts windy and warmer weather for the Canary Islands this weekend, particularly on San Juan's Eve, with gusts that could surpass 70 km/h in parts of Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

The Spanish weather agency (Aemet) predicts windy and increasingly warm conditions for the Canary Islands this San Juan Sunday, with sporadic gusts possibly surpassing 70 km/h in the westernmost part of Gran Canaria and southern Tenerife. The islands will see mostly cloudy skies in the north and west early in the day, while other areas will enjoy clearer skies with rising temperatures.

Detailed Weather Forecast for the Canary Islands

San Juan weekend weather update: Windy and warm conditions across the Canary Islands

  • General Conditions:
  • Morning and late hours will see cloud cover across many parts, particularly in the north and west of the islands.
  • Throughout the day, clouds will give way to significant clearings, especially after midday.
  • Trade winds will pick up, affecting primarily the exposed slopes of the islands.
  • Sea Conditions:
  • Expect northeasterly winds at force 4 to 5, potentially reaching force 6 in broader areas of the archipelago.
  • The western provinces will experience swell or strong swell, while the eastern provinces will see swell or light swell.
  • Waves from the north may reach heights of one to two meters.

Island-Specific Forecasts for Sunday

  • Lanzarote:
  • Predominantly cloudy, especially on the western slope in the morning and evening.
  • Slight rise in maximum temperatures.
  • Moderate north wind, with potential for strong gusts inland and on the southeastern slope.
  • Fuerteventura:
  • Partly cloudy skies, cloudier on the western slope during morning and evening.
  • Temperatures slightly on the rise.
  • Moderate north winds, strengthening in the interior and southern slopes of Jandía.
  • Gran Canaria:
  • North will be mainly cloudy with clearings in the afternoon; clearer skies elsewhere.
  • Minor changes in minimum temperatures, slight rise in maximums.
  • Moderate north winds; strong on southeastern and western slopes with possible very strong gusts.

  • Tenerife:
  • Generally light clouds except for predominant clouds in the extreme northeast during early and late hours.
  • Slight rise in maximum temperatures, especially in elevated areas.
  • Moderate north winds, stronger in extreme northwest and eastern façade, with very strong gusts possible.
  • La Gomera:
  • Light clouds generally, but cloudier in the north during morning and evening.
  • Temperatures slightly rising.
  • Moderate northeast winds, stronger on eastern and northwestern slopes.
  • La Palma:
  • Northeast will see cloudy conditions with significant clearings around midday; clearer elsewhere.
  • Stable minimum temperatures, slightly higher maximums.
  • Moderate northeast winds, stronger on southeastern and northwestern slopes.
  • El Hierro:
  • Generally clear or cloudy, with intermittent clouds in the north during the morning.
  • Temperatures rising slightly.
  • Moderate northeast winds, with strong intervals on the eastern slope and far west.

This comprehensive forecast underscores the need for residents and visitors to prepare for variable weather conditions, ensuring safety and comfort during the San Juan celebrations.

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