Celebrating Excellence: The 39th DIARIO DE AVISOS National Gastronomy Awards

The 39th edition of the DIARIO DE AVISOS National Gastronomy Awards, set for July 15th at the Auditorium of El Sauzal, will honor Spain's culinary talents, recognizing achievements in various categories including best national restaurant, confectionery, and wines.

The 39th DIARIO DE AVISOS National Gastronomy Awards ceremony is set to take place on July 15th at 19:30 in the El Sauzal Auditorium. These prestigious awards have recently achieved national status and are recognized as the oldest honors bestowed by a Spanish media entity, celebrating the exceptional talent, dedication, creativity, and commitment to sustainability of professionals in the national and Canary Islands’ catering sectors.

Hosted by the DIARIO DE AVISOS Foundation, the awards highlight the significant impact of the gastronomy sector, which is a major contributor to over 30% of Spain’s Gross Domestic Product and a key driver of employment.

This year’s jury, led by José Luis Conde, has selected recipients across several categories: Alexis García will receive the Manuel Iglesias Award; La Salita, helmed by Begoña Rodrigo, is named Best National Restaurant; Panadería Pastelería Zulay earns the Best Work in Confectionery Award; Etéreo is recognized as the Best Restaurant; Kensei-Japanese Contemporary secures the Best International Restaurant Award; Casa Romántica in Gran Canaria is honored with the #ConsumeCanario Award; Patricia Perdomo receives the Best Work in Wines Award; and Juan Echanove is acknowledged for Best Work in Gastronomy Dissemination.

The gala event will feature a vibrant array of artistic performances, celebrating the achievements of the winners in a festive atmosphere. Atlántico Televisión will record the proceedings, ensuring a wider broadcast of the ceremony in the days following the event.

Here is the detailed description of all the categories of this year’s DIARIO DE AVISOS National Gastronomy Awards

Manuel Iglesias Award 2024: Alexis García

Celebrating Excellence: The 39th DIARIO DE AVISOS National Gastronomy Awards

Recipient: Alexis García, Cien por Cien Hojaldre
Achievements: A distinguished career has earned Alexis García the prestigious Manuel Iglesias prize at the XXXIX National Gastronomy Awards. García, a master in both sweet and savoury pastries, has positioned Tenerife’s gastronomy on both the national and international stages. Alongside his partner, Marlene Hernández, he has redefined excellence in patisserie with numerous accolades, including the title of Best Master Artisan Pastry Chef of Spain across multiple categories.

Career Milestones:

  • Origins: García and Hernández started at Cien por Cien Pan y Pastelería in Playa San Juan, winning Best Pastry at the XXX Gastronomy Awards.
  • Current Venture: They now operate 100% Hojaldre in Tenerife’s capital, showcasing exceptional skill in puff pastry.

Notable Achievements:

  • Revelation Pastry Chef 2018: Recognised at Madrid Fusión.
  • Innovative Ingredients: Local ingredients from the Canary Islands creatively used in his competition dishes.

Best National Restaurant 2024: La Salita de Begoña Rodrigo

Recipient: Begoña Rodrigo, La Salita
Location: Valencia
Recognition: Begoña Rodrigo’s La Salita is acclaimed for its innovative culinary practices, earning it the Best National Restaurant award. Rodrigo’s notable achievements include a Michelin Star and three Repsol suns. Her culinary group, Anarkía, reflects her commitment to innovation and excellence in gastronomy.

Philosophy and Practice:

  • Innovation: Continuous research and development in the kitchen focusing on vinegars, pickles, and vegetables.
  • Teamwork and Vision: Rodrigo promotes a dynamic and forward-thinking kitchen environment, encouraging her team to innovate continually.

Best Work in the Dissemination of Gastronomy 2024: Juan Echanove

Recipient: Juan Echanove
Contributions: Echanove has effectively merged his theatrical career with his passion for gastronomy, engaging a wide audience through various media platforms and publications. His efforts to promote Spanish gastronomic culture are recognized with this award.

Media Engagement:

  • Television and social media influence, enhancing public engagement with gastronomic culture.
  • Advocacy for a deeper understanding of Spain’s regional culinary diversity.

Best Work in Wines 2024: Patricia Perdomo

Recipient: Patricia Perdomo, Bodega Perdomo
Location: La Palma
Recognition: Patricia Perdomo is honoured for her innovative approach to viticulture at Bodega Perdomo. Her commitment to sustainable practices and quality wine production under the Denomination of Origin La Palma stands out.

Innovations and Family Legacy:

  • Sustainable Practices: Integration of sustainable methods in both vineyard management and other agricultural activities.
  • Wine Lines: Introduction of distinct wine lines, preserving traditional methods and exploring new techniques.

Best Restaurant 2024: Etéreo

Recipients: Pedro Nel Restrepo and Viviana Sarriá
Location: Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Achievements: Etéreo, led by the culinary and entrepreneurial vision of Restrepo and Sarriá, has redefined local gastronomy, meriting two Repsol Soles and a Michelin recommendation.

Culinary Excellence:

  • Diverse Influences: Incorporation of Latin American culinary techniques into local dishes.
  • Wine and Dessert Innovation: Extensive wine selections and innovative dessert creations by Sarriá.

Award #ConsumeCanario 2024: Casa Romántica

Location: Agaete, Gran Canaria
Recognition: Casa Romántica’s commitment to local produce and sustainable culinary practices has earned it the #ConsumeCanario award. This project stands as a testament to the sustainable integration of gastronomy with local agriculture.

Sustainability and Local Engagement:

  • Direct Ingredient Sourcing: Utilization of locally sourced ingredients for a truly Canarian culinary experience.
  • Cultural and Agricultural Preservation: Maintaining a connection with traditional Canarian agricultural practices and culinary techniques.

Best Foreign Cuisine Restaurant 2024: Kensei

Recipient: Víctor Planas, Kensei Japonés Contemporáneo
Location: Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Achievements: Chef Víctor Planas has been recognised for his exceptional skills in Japanese cuisine, creating a dining experience at Kensei that combines traditional techniques with contemporary innovation.

Professional Background:

  • International Experience: Extensive culinary training in Barcelona, London, and Japan.
  • Innovative Cuisine: Introduction of high-quality, innovative dishes that respect Japanese culinary traditions.

Best Work in Confectionery 2024: Zulay Patisserie Bakery

Recipients: The Medina Brothers
Location: Various locations in La Palma and San Cristóbal de La Laguna
Achievements: The Medina Brothers have revitalized their family’s bakery, infusing traditional techniques with modern innovation, earning them recognition for their contribution to the confectionery industry.

Family Tradition and Innovation:

  • Product Diversity: Offering a wide range of bakery and patisserie products.
  • Commitment to Quality: Maintaining high standards in every product, inspired by family traditions and customer satisfaction.

This structured format highlights the achievements and contributions of each recipient, providing a clear and detailed overview of their impact in the gastronomy sector.

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