Spain’s top chefs recommend: Discover 57 must-visit restaurants in the Canary Islands

Spain's leading chefs unveil their favorite dining spots in the Canary Islands, recommending 57 unique restaurants known for their casual yet exceptional culinary experiences.

In the latest edition of Soletes, Spain‘s foremost chefs have disclosed their favourite informal dining spots across the country, revealing a list that includes both well-established locations and exciting new venues.

This year’s Soletes guide features a remarkable contribution from 125 leading culinary professionals, including 37 chefs awarded with 3 Soles by the Repsol Guide, as well as chefs holding 2 and 1 Soles, collectively identifying over 750 noteworthy eateries spanning from Cadaqués to Ceuta, with 57 standout recommendations in the Canary Islands alone.

This edition, titled “Un Verano por Navegar” (“A Summer to Sail”), runs from June 21 to September 23, and aims to adapt to the summer surge in culinary explorations, particularly highlighting lesser-known yet exceptional venues. Among these, eight were previously recognized in earlier editions, while 49 are new entries, showcasing a range of beach bars, terraces, cafes, and cocktail bars that offer not only great food but also a vibrant atmosphere.

Spain's top chefs recommend: Discover 57 must-visit restaurants in the Canary Islands

Prominent chefs like Begoña Rodrigo praise the Soletes as invaluable for discovering local gems when traveling, with the Repsol Guide app serving as a reliable navigator that lists these establishments with a credible seal of approval. María Ritter, the director of Guía Repsol, notes that these recommended spots are particularly appreciated during the holiday season when people are keen to discover where to dine or enjoy a local treat like ice cream.

This year’s event was launched in Lorca, Murcia, with significant backing from local and regional government bodies, celebrating the enduring partnership between the chefs and the Repsol Guide. Notable mentions include chefs Maca de Castro and Andoni Luis Aduriz, who share their personal favorites which range from quaint chiringuitos to artisan cheese shops and acclaimed pizzerias.

Spain's top chefs recommend: Discover 57 must-visit restaurants in the Canary Islands

The guide not only highlights new and exciting places but also reaffirms over 200 Soles previously awarded, ensuring that the recommendations remain current and reflective of the highest standards. The extensive list includes places recommended by the chefs, such as “La Cabaña” for sardines, “Formaticum” for local cheeses, and “Fratelli Figurato” for pizza, demonstrating the guide’s breadth in covering diverse dining experiences from street food to fine dining.

The guide is accessible via the Guía Repsol website and app, which provides detailed descriptions and the geographical locations of over 4,000 Soletes, alongside 764 restaurants rated with 1, 2, and 3 Suns, and 1,453 recommended restaurants. This wealth of options ensures that travelers can find a great place to eat at any point in their journey, supported by a robust geolocation feature that filters the most appealing stops along the way.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the 57 restaurants in the Canary Islands recommended by Spain’s top chefs in the latest Soletes guide:

Las Palmas:

  1. Vinofilos Triana
  2. Triciclo
  3. Chelado
  4. Budare Food Café
  5. Amaki Sushi
  6. Manuela Jimena
  7. Midway
  8. Charco Vivo
  9. Antípoda Café
  10. Lalexe
  11. Sombras del Nublo
  12. La Paneteca
  13. Bouganville
  14. La Cueva de LagOmar
  15. Ikarus
  16. Bodega Santa Bárbara
  17. Hotel Bohémia
  18. Kiosko Bar Las Naves
  19. Secreto del Sur
  20. La Tapita Los Jose’s
  21. Helathlon
  22. Bochinche La Lechuza
  23. Blue Marlin Ibiza Sky Lounge Gran Canaria


  1. El Gusto por El Vino
  2. Vinatería Albillo
  3. La Pimienta
  4. La Mareta
  5. Il Gelato dil Mercato
  6. Cielo de Monkey
  7. Bodegón Guachinche Cas Toñito
  8. Pirata
  9. Picacho
  10. Nanis Burger
  11. Kiosko La Maceta
  12. Lays
  13. La Gelateria by Royal Hideaway
  14. L’ete Bistro
  15. Daria’s Bakery&Bistró
  16. Chamachete
  17. Bloom Bar&Brunch
  18. La Gaviota
  19. El Campesino
  20. La Marilería
  21. Helados Taburiente
  22. El Empaquetado
  23. Castro
  24. El Baifo Street Food
  25. El Americano El Paso
  26. Terrazas del Sauzal
  27. Padilla
  28. Lena
  29. La Marmota
  30. La Casa Abajo
  31. Guachinche Lala
  32. Guachinche Aguadara
  33. El Rincón
  34. Beers

These establishments range from vibrant beach bars and sophisticated bistros to charming cafés and dynamic sushi bars, providing a rich tapestry of flavors and experiences across the Canary Islands.

This comprehensive network of recommendations is further enriched with tips for other travel interests, such as charming hotels, museums, hiking routes, and hidden spots, making the Guía Repsol a versatile companion for both culinary enthusiasts and general travelers looking to enhance their holiday experiences.

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