The ‘Ruta de la Tapa’ returns to La Laguna: Tapa with drink for 4 euros

The Ruta de la Tapa returns to La Laguna this July, featuring 33 establishments offering tapas and drinks for 4 euros, coinciding with the San Benito Abad festivities and complemented by a shop window competition, aiming to boost local trade and cultural life.

La Ruta de la Tapa by La Laguna returns this July, solidifying its place as one of the most anticipated culinary events for residents and visitors. Now in its 16th edition, the event runs from 1 to 31 July, featuring 33 establishments presenting a mix of traditional and avant-garde options.

Estefanía Díaz, Councillor for Tourism and Commerce, announced that the commercial sector will actively participate in a shop window competition showcasing traditional richness. She was joined by Abbas Moujir, president of FAUCA, and Iván Pérez, president of the LLZC, who are key promoters of this gastronomic initiative.

Díaz highlighted the event as a prime opportunity for local bars, cafés, and restaurants to attract new customers, coinciding with the festivities in honour of San Benito Abad, which drew over 4,000 participants last year. This blend of gastronomy and culture is expected to boost trade and enrich La Laguna’s cultural life.

The Ruta de la Tapa returns to La Laguna: Tapa with drink for 4 euros

This year’s tapas will be offered at a single price of 4 euros, including a drink of water, beer, or wine, maintaining the same price as the 2023 edition, where approximately 195,000 tapas were sold, generating a sales volume of 780,000 euros. Customers will also act as a popular jury, awarding gold, silver, and bronze prizes to the best tapas.

FAUCA president Abbas Moujir emphasized the initiative’s importance in promoting La Laguna’s diverse and excellent gastronomic offerings and its connection to the municipality’s cultural tradition, helping to establish the area as a benchmark in economic and socio-cultural dynamism. Moujir stressed the need for continued collaboration between public and private sectors to support such events, which significantly benefit the local catering industry.

The 'uta de la Tapa' returns to La Laguna: Tapa with drink for 4 euros

Iván Pérez, LLZC president, praised the business association’s efforts to position La Laguna as a central hub for gastronomy and commerce in the Canary Islands through targeted projects and permanent initiatives like this event. Pérez noted that these efforts place La Laguna in a leading role in cultural and economic activities, expressing satisfaction with the commitment of member businesses in various campaigns.

The Ruta de la Tapa por La Laguna is complemented by the Concurso de Escaparates de San Benito, running from 8 to 14 July, featuring colourful and traditional window displays. The public can participate by voting through the La Laguna Zona Comercial app, with a chance to win a 100-euro gift voucher by uploading purchase tickets.

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