Tenerife to have direct flights to an ancient Roman city in Spain

Starting 19 July, Tenerife will have a weekly direct flight every Wednesday to León, an ancient Roman city rich in history and architecture, offering a unique cultural connection for the summer season until 1 September.

Starting this summer, Tenerife will have a direct flight route to León, an ancient Roman city in Spain, every Wednesday.

Air Nostrum, Iberia’s franchise airline for regional flights, announced the new route, which will commence on 19 July and continue weekly until 1 September. This new connection is part of Air Nostrum’s expanded offering, which includes a total of 85,200 seats between León airport and eight destinations, including usual destinations like Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Malaga, along with Tenerife for the summer season and Porto starting January 2025.

Tenerife to have direct flights to an ancient Roman city in Spain

León, a city with a rich Roman history, was originally founded as the Roman military encampment of Legio VI Victrix around 29 BC. The city’s name, León, derives from the word “legion,” reflecting its origins as a Roman legionary base.

Over the centuries, León grew into a significant urban center, boasting impressive Romanesque and Gothic architecture, including the stunning León Cathedral and the Basilica of San Isidoro, known for its royal pantheon and magnificent frescoes. Visitors can also explore remnants of the ancient Roman walls that once protected the city.

The announcement was made during a press conference by the Provincial Council of León and Air Nostrum at La Virgen del Camino airport. Gerardo Álvarez, President of the Provincial Council, highlighted the significance of the twenty-fifth anniversary of commercial flights from León airport, noting the growth from an initial flight of twenty-seven passengers from Barcelona to nearly one and a half million passengers to date.

This new route not only enhances connectivity for Tenerife residents but also offers a unique opportunity to explore León’s historical and cultural heritage, making it an attractive destination for history enthusiasts and travellers alike.

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