Unemployment falls in June in the Canary Islands: 1,604 fewer unemployed persons

In June, unemployment in the Canary Islands fell by 1,604 people to 164,460, marking a 0.97% monthly decrease and a 5.49% year-on-year decline, with significant drops across all age groups and economic sectors.

Unemployment in the Canary Islands decreased by 1,604 people, or 0.97%, in June compared to the previous month, according to data released by the Ministry of Labour. Year-on-year, unemployment fell by 9,669 people (-5.49%), bringing the total number of unemployed in the islands to 164,460.

In the province of Las Palmas, unemployment decreased by 854 people (0.99%) in June, totaling 85,459 unemployed. Year-on-year, the decrease was 6.04%, with 5,494 fewer unemployed. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the number of unemployed fell by 750 (0.94%) in June, totaling 79,001 unemployed, with a year-on-year decrease of 4.89%, or 4,065 fewer people.

The breakdown of the 164,460 unemployed in the Canary Islands is as follows: 127,649 in the services sector, 14,769 in construction, 12,964 with no previous employment, 6,117 in industry, and 2,961 in agriculture.

Lowest Unemployment Figures Since 2008

Unemployment falls in June in the Canary Islands: 1,604 fewer unemployed persons

According to the Canary Islands Government, this is the lowest unemployment figure since March 2008. Deputy Minister of Employment, Isabel León, noted that in April 2008, there were almost 2,000 more unemployed in the archipelago, with a total of 166,241 unemployed. Despite recent crises and population growth, the labour market in the Canary Islands shows a positive trend with ongoing job creation.

In June, unemployment fell across all age groups, particularly among the under-25s, with 536 fewer unemployed (-6.04%). Youth unemployment decreased to 8,335 people. For the 25 to 45 age group, there was a decrease of 751 job seekers (-1.37%), while the over-45s saw a decline of 317 people (-0.31%).

Sector-wise Breakdown

Unemployment falls in June in the Canary Islands: 1,604 fewer unemployed persons

Unemployment decreased across all economic sectors in June. The services sector saw 1,186 fewer unemployed, construction 168, those without previous employment 148, industry 58, and agriculture 44.

In June, 54,572 contracts were signed in the Canary Islands, an increase of 1,654 (3.13%) compared to May, but a decrease of 2,361 (4.15%) year-on-year. Of these, 23,700 were permanent and 30,872 temporary. Las Palmas accounted for 27,760 contracts, 846 fewer than in May and 1,558 fewer than in June 2023. Santa Cruz de Tenerife registered 26,812 contracts, 2,500 more than the previous month but 803 fewer than in June last year.

In May of the previous year, 28,447 unemployment benefit applications were submitted in the Canary Islands, with 24,138 approved. This brought the number of beneficiaries to 92,931, with public expenditure reaching 93.136 million euros.

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