Lanzarote leads in punctuality among Canary Islands airports

Lanzarote Airport is the most punctual in the Canary Islands, with 77.2% of flights arriving on time, distinguishing it as the standout in regional airport punctuality.

Lanzarote Airport has been identified as the most punctual airport in the Canary Islands, achieving a 77.2% on-time arrival rate for flights. This information comes amidst a broader context where one in five flights across Spain has experienced delays during the first half of 2024, according to Eurocontrol. Despite these delays, Spain ranks eighth in Europe for punctuality, with a national average of 79.2%.

Bilbao Airport leads Spain with an impressive on-time performance of more than 85%, making it not only the top in Spain but also the most punctual in Europe for 2024 with an 85.3% punctuality rate. In the Canary Islands, Lanzarote stands out, while other major Spanish airports show varied performance. Seville ranks ninth in Europe with 81.8% punctuality, followed by Madrid at eleventh with 81.6%.

Lanzarote leads in punctuality among Canary Islands airports

Further down the list, Valencia and Ibiza airports show strong punctuality records at 81.4% and 81.2% respectively. Barcelona, however, is lower at 32nd position with a 79.3% punctuality rate. Palma de Mallorca and Alicante also lag slightly behind, ranking 44th and 48th in Europe with 78.5% and 78.1% punctuality rates, respectively.

At the lower end, Lanzarote’s relatively high ranking within the Canary Islands contrasts with other local airports like Tenerife Norte, which ranks 64th with 76.3% punctuality, and Tenerife Sur and Gran Canaria, which rank 75th and 87th with punctuality rates of 75% and 73.9%, respectively.

Lanzarote leads in punctuality among Canary Islands airports

This data not only highlights the challenges faced by Spanish airports in maintaining timely operations but also illustrates a significant disparity in performance across different locations within the country.

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