Agrocanarias 2024 chooses Best Cheese in the Canary Islands

"La Pastora" from Ganadería La Pared clinched the title of Best Cheese at the Agrocanarias Competition, showcasing the excellence of Canary Islands' cheeses.

“La Pastora” from Ganadería La Pared has been crowned as the best cheese in the Canary Islands for 2024, winning the top honor at the Official Agrocanarias Competition organized by the Canary Islands Government through the Canary Islands Institute of Agri-food Quality (ICCA). The competition was held in Fuerteventura, featuring 223 cheese entries from across the islands.

This year’s contest highlighted the excellence and quality of Canary Island cheeses, with La Pastora earning accolades for its semi-cured paprika blend. The event not only showcased the diverse cheese offerings from the region but also celebrated the craftsmanship and tradition that define the local cheese-making industry.

Agrocanarias 2024 chooses Best Cheese in the Canary Islands

In addition to La Pastora, the competition awarded various distinctions across multiple categories. Maxorata de leche pasteurizada tierno (PDO Queso Majorero) made by Grupo de Ganaderos de Fuerteventura received special recognition from the children’s jury, while Caprarius spread with gofio from Rayco Ramos Rodríguez (PDO Queso Majorero) won the popular jury’s choice and a gold medal.

Other notable winners included La Pastorcita from Ganadería La Pared, awarded a gold medal for its raw milk cured sheep’s milk cheese spread with gofio, and Queso Rosa de la Madera from La Ampuyenta cheese factory, which took home a gold in the raw goat’s milk category with its paprika spread.

Agrocanarias 2024 chooses Best Cheese in the Canary Islands

The competition also recognized excellence in pasteurized cheeses, with Maxorata spread with paprika from Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura winning in the cured category, and Selectum and Maxorata de cabra, both from Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura, securing gold in the semi-cured pasteurized category.

The accolades reflect the ongoing commitment of the Canary Islands to promoting the unique flavors and quality of its local cheese industry, highlighting Fuerteventura’s prominent role in the sector and the dedication of its cheese makers.

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