Fog disrupts over 10 flights at Tenerife North Airport

Dense fog at Tenerife North Airport has led to the cancellation of over ten flights, impacting travel to various islands within the Canary archipelago.

Dense fog at Tenerife North Airport has resulted in the cancellation of more than ten flights, impacting several inter-island routes. According to Airports and Air Navigation sources, disruptions included five flights to Lanzarote, two to Gran Canaria, and one each to La Gomera and La Palma. Binter, a major Canary Islands airline, has also announced the cancellation of 14 flights affecting connections to Fuerteventura, La Palma, Gran Canaria, and La Gomera.

The airline has advised passengers to monitor their flight status closely and to plan for early arrival at the airport to manage potential delays effectively. Additional cancellations occurred for operational reasons, further complicated by the previous day’s low visibility, which led to some flights being rerouted to Tenerife South Airport.

Fog disrupts over 10 flights at Tenerife North Airport

Air Traffic Controllers have taken to social media to highlight the challenges posed by the fog, noting the resultant delays, passenger frustrations, and necessary diversions to ensure safety. This situation underscores the importance of timely and accurate communication from airlines and airport authorities during adverse weather conditions.

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