La Laguna to host public viewing of Euro Cup final on giant screen

La Laguna will set up a giant screen in the city centre this Sunday, July 14, for a public viewing of the European Football Championship final, celebrating with local festivities and supporting the Spanish team.

The City Council of La Laguna is gearing up to create a communal viewing experience for the European Football Championship final by setting up a large multimedia screen in the city centre. This initiative, orchestrated by the Autonomous Sports Agency, is scheduled for Sunday, July 14th, starting at 8:00 PM, to support the Spanish team as they compete for the championship.

The viewing setup will be located near the iconic La Concepción tower, featuring a giant screen measuring five by three metres, complete with sound equipment to ensure viewers can follow the match commentary clearly. This arrangement aims to provide a vibrant public space where residents can gather to enjoy the game.

La Laguna to host public viewing of Euro Cup final on giant screen

Mayor Luis Yeray Gutiérrez expressed his enthusiasm for the event, comparing it to the unity and excitement during the 2010 World Cup. He highlighted that the football final would be a part of the broader festivities planned for the Regional Pilgrimage of San Benito Abad 2024, making it a historic day of sport intertwined with local cultural celebrations.

Mayor Gutiérrez emphasized the community aspect of the event, inviting everyone to come together to watch the game amidst a day filled with celebration and tradition. Meanwhile, Badel Albelo, the Councillor for Sports and President of the Autonomous Organism of Sports, called on the public to engage in the celebration, recalling previous successful gatherings at Plaza Hermano Ramon for significant sports events involving local teams and athletes.

La Laguna to host public viewing of Euro Cup final on giant screen

The opponent for the Spanish team in Sunday’s final will be determined by the outcome of the semi-final match between England and the Netherlands taking place this afternoon, setting the stage for a climactic end to the tournament.

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