Tenerife implements eco-tax for natural area access, introduces shuttle service

Starting this Friday, Tenerife will implement an eco-tax on access to natural areas like Masca ravine, with differentiated rates for tourists, Canary Island residents, and Tenerife locals, alongside a new shuttle service to reduce vehicle traffic.

The Island Council of Tenerife is set to introduce an eco-tax for accessing the island’s natural sites starting this Friday, with the Masca ravine in Buenavista del Norte serving as the pilot location. Managed by the public company Tragsa, this new fee structure aims to regulate and preserve the natural beauty of the area.

Detailed Eco-Tax Rates in Tenerife

Tenerife implements eco-tax for natural area access, introduces shuttle service

  • Adult Tourists: €28
  • Tourist Children: €14
  • Adult Residents of the Canary Islands: €3
  • Children Residents of the Canary Islands: €1.5
  • Island Residents: Free access

These rates are designed to balance tourism with conservation efforts, ensuring that the environmental impact of visitors is mitigated while providing substantial discounts for local residents.

Shuttle Bus Service

To further protect the area, the Island Council will restrict private vehicle access to the vicinity of the ravine from the end of 2024 to the start of 2025. A shuttle bus system, similar to the one in operation at Punta de Teno, will be implemented. While separate from the eco-tax, this service will also have fees:

  • Tourists: €10
  • Canarian Residents: €4
  • Tenerife Residents: Free

Visitor Cap

In collaboration with Buenavista Town Hall, the Island Council has set a daily visitor limit to 275 people to prevent overcrowding and enhance safety and enjoyment of the natural setting.

This initiative not only aims to manage the influx of visitors to ensure safety and minimize environmental impacts but also to facilitate the restoration and preservation of Tenerife’s natural landscapes.

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