Not to miss: La Florida celebratons in La Orotava and the traditional “puchero”

This gastronomic event, unique in the Canary Islands, has become a sign of identity, and thousands of people are expected to attend.

This year, the neighbourhood of La Florida, in the Tenerife town of La Orotava, is once again celebrating its fiestas in honour of San Antonio Abad and the Virgen de La Esperanza, with the great “puchero” as one of the main events.

As every year, on the last weekend of January, the neighbourhood of La Florida, immersed in its traditional fiestas in honour of San Antonio Abad and the Virgen de la Esperanza, prepares all the ingredients that make up the great stew which will be prepared on Saturday 25th January and which is one of the most important and multitudinous gastronomic events in the Canary Islands. Thousands of people from all over the world are expected to visit the event, as there are also many tourists who do not want to miss this great and tasty dish of traditional Canarian cuisine. The festivities of La Florida were recognised as being of Regional Tourist Interest in 2019.

The origin of this stew dates back to fifty years ago when the first livestock fair was held with this dish and a broth for the livestock farmers who came from different parts of the island. A few years later, the locals began to take part in its festive preparation for all those who came that day.

“Puchero” Stew: a unique gastronomic festival in La Florida, La Orotava in Tenerife

It is estimated that some 5,000 people will taste this great stew. The villagers themselves have sown and harvested the ingredients in their gardens. Some 70 large stainless steel cauldrons weighing more than 125 kilos are needed to prepare this exquisite dish. The ingredients weigh more than 4,000 kilos and are the same as in the traditional recipe, but in larger quantities: 650 cabbages, 75 kilos of pineapples, 125 chickens, 700 potatoes and 60 kilos of sweet potato, more than 1,300 kilos of pumpkin, more than 1,000 kilos of chayotas, more than 1,000 kilos of chayotas, more than 1,000 kilos of cabbage, more than 1,000 kilos of potatoes and more than 1,000 kilos of sweet potatoes. 000 kilos of chayotas, 90 kilos of garbanzas, 70 kilos of beans and the same of carrots, almost 1,000 kilos of bacon and ribs, 60 kilos of leeks, 25 kilos of garlic, 100 kilos of onions, 45 kilos of parsley, 75 kilos of bubangos and 250 kilos of gofio.

The stew is cooked over a low heat with dry broom from the Teide National Park and takes at least two hours to cook. This unique gastronomic festival is becoming more and more popular every year and is usually animated by the group Parranda de Puchero.

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