Canary Islands’ average salary 31.9% lower than European average

The average gross salary in the Canary Islands falls 254 euros short of the average Spanish salary, which stood at 1,822 euros per month in 2022.

The average gross salary in the Canary Islands for the past year was 1,568 euros per month (equivalent to 18,816 euros per year), marking a considerable 31.9% shortfall from the average European salary. These figures, recently unveiled in Adecco’s annual salary report, highlight the ongoing wage disparity.

Comparatively, the Canary Islands’ average falls short by 254 euros in comparison to the Spanish average salary of 1,822 euros per month in 2022—reaching a historical peak. However, this Spanish average salary is 20.9% lower than the European Union (EU) average.

Canary Islands' average salary 31.9% lower than European average.

Within the EU, the monthly average salary reaches 2,302 euros, creating a notable disparity of 480 euros monthly in contrast to Spain and a wider 734 euros per month against the Canary Islands.

Derived from data sourced from the Quarterly Labour Cost Survey and Eurostat, the study underscores that the wage divergence between the Canary Islands and Europe amounts to 8,809 euros per year as of 2022. The Canary Islands stand at an intermediary position, with 15 European countries witnessing lower salaries and 12 countries boasting higher earnings than the islands.

Leading the European pack in salary averages are Luxembourg (3,713 euros), Denmark (3,573 euros), Germany (3,148 euros), Ireland (3,051 euros), Belgium (3,007 euros), and the Netherlands (2,964 euros).

On the flip side, the regions with the lowest average wages include Bulgaria (650 euros), Romania (796 euros), Hungary (852 euros), Croatia (903 euros), and Poland (941 euros).

The report also draws comparisons with Germany, illustrating a substantial 1,580 euros per month difference (equating to 18,959 euros annually)—amounting to a 50.2% discrepancy below the German salary. Similarly, in comparison with France, the salary differential is 1,006 euros per month, signifying a 39.1% lower average wage in the Canary Islands compared to France.

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