Loro Parque celebrates its 50th anniversary in a grand fashion

A grand event attended by more than 1,000 people paid tribute to the company's outstanding 50-year history.

Loro Parque celebrated the big commemorative event for its 50th anniversary on Friday, 17 December. On the same day, but in 1972, Loro Parque opened its doors for the first time. The celebration, which brought together more than 1000 people, served to pay tribute to the entire trajectory of the institution.

The party started in the morning with a parade through the streets of Puerto de la Cruz to the entrance of the park, where visitors were welcomed in a special way, with a refreshment and other gifts.

Later,a festive atmosphere began to form in the Thai Village, with the arrival of the first guests and the performance of a typical Canarian folklore group. Afterwards, the attendees began to make their way to Orca Ocean stadium where the commemorative event was to take place.

Along the way, multiples surprises were expected the guests as they were heading towards the stadium, such as body painting exhibitions and special lighting that decorated the park on the ocasion. On the screen of Orca Ocean, congratulatory videos were projected on the arrival of the guests, where different personalities dedicated their wishes to Loro Parque on the occasion.

The event counted with a performance of an award-winning Spanish singer, Cristina Ramos, among other surprises and a special 50th anniversary video in which the founders of Loro Parque, Brigitte and Wolfgang Kiessling, made a review of a history that they have made since the creation of the park.

A glimpse at 50 years of Loro Parque

Founded on 17th December 1972, Loro Parque was initially conceived as a paradise for parrots and started out with just 25 people, 150 parrots and a 13,000 square metre space. Over the years, it has become one of the most respected and recognised zoological institutions and genetic reserves in the world, both for its beauty, the excellence of its facilities and its respect for nature. Together with Loro Parque Fundación, it currently houses the largest and most diverse reserve of parrot species and subspecies in the world and, therefore, has become the international leader in the breeding and management of psittacines.

Throughout its history, it has become an obligatory visit and one of the greatest attractions of the tourist industry in the Canary Islands, with more than 55 million visitors to date. Its excellence, the quality of its facilities, its love of detail and its commitment to the environment have led it to being considered the best zoo in the world on more than one occasion.

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