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President of the Canary Islands: tourism is driven by sustainability and competitiveness

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres held a meeting with hotel executives from Club Sur in Tenerife this Wednesday.

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, visited the municipality of Adeje, in the south of Tenerife, this Wednesday, where he met with the directors of the Club Sur hotels. With them he analysed the situation of tourism sector, the main one on the islands, and its great potential for progress in sustainability.

Accompanied by the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Torres spoke with the general manager of GF Hotels, María Victoria López Fuentes (the meeting took place at the GF Victoria hotel facility in Adeje), and with other members of the organisation. The president stressed that the future of this productive activity also passes “clearly” by “sustainability, competitiveness and to continue creating jobs and the economy”.

Torres underlined the good tourism figures for last month, “one of the best months of March ever for tourism” in the Canary Islands. The president especially emphasised that, despite the fact that during 2022 there were fewer visitors to the islands than in 2019, there was a higher expenditure per tourist and a higher annual figure for this variable. “This means that the model is changing”, in which sustainable, quality and recognised hotels are valued.

At the meeting, the head of the regional executive addressed the situation of tourism infrastructures, mobility and connectivity, housing and other basic facilities, such as Tenerife Sur Reina Sofía Airport. He also recalled the great slump that the sector has overcome due to the pandemic, the zero tourism and the closure of companies, “with a year 2020 that was tremendous and with several waves of covid-19 also in 2021”.

Torres insisted that 2022 “ended very well and we continue to do well in the first months of 2023, breaking records in job creation and with more people working than ever in the Canary Islands, something that should make us all very happy”.

María Victoria López, from GF Hotels, said it was an honour to have the president and the mayor of Adeje at the GF Victoria facility. Although she was pleased that the figures for the sector “are good”, she indicated that everything possible must be done to continue in this line in a “very competitive market, transmitting all our requests to the people who are going to decide the future”.

The mayor of Adeje stressed the importance of these meetings to analyse the situation of the tourism sector in the islands and in this southern region of Tenerife, where “it is working well, but we must guarantee its continuity and sustainability over moderate weather, to remain competitive and have the best rates of profitability, because this is our main factor in generating wealth and then to be able to distribute it”.

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