Unemployment rises substantially in the Canary Islands

The number of unemployed in the Canary Islands in the first quarter of 2023 rises by 33,500 people with a loss of 13,600 jobs.

Unemployment has risen in the Canary Islands by 33,500 people in the first quarter of 2023 in comparison with the previous period, which in percentage terms meant an increase of 19.82 percent, so that in the first three months of the year there were 202,500 unemployed in the archipelago.

In this way, the Canary Islands became the second community with the second highest quarterly increase in unemployment, only preceded by the Balearic Islands, according to data from the Labour Force Survey (EPA) released on Thursday by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

However, in terms of the year-on-year figure, the islands have experienced a decrease of 32,100 unemployed, that is, 13.67 percent less than the same quarter of 2022 and is the community where unemployment has fallen the most annually.

With all this, the islands currently have 977,200 employed people, after 13,600 jobs have been destroyed in the first three months of 2023 (-1.37%), which makes the Canary Islands the third community with one of the largest falls in employment.

In contrast, in terms of the interannual data, the archipelago did experience the creation of 55,900 jobs (+6.07%), making it the third autonomous region with the highest growth and the greatest annual variation.

In terms of the active population, the islands are the third autonomous region with the highest increase, with 19,900 more people (+1.72%), bringing the total to 1,179,700 active people.

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