Alterations to Binter flight schedules in the Canary Islands

The changes in the operations of Binter, Canary Islands' regional airline, will be implemented starting May 1st.

The Island Council de La Gomera and Binter have announced this week a revision in flight schedules aimed at enhancing air connections with Gran Canaria. This initiative aligns with the joint goal of both the Island Corporation and the airline to improve the mobility options available between the two airports and to further consolidate this route as part of the broader effort to strengthen territorial cohesion across the Canary Islands.

Starting May 1st, flights from Gran Canaria will now leave at 07:15 and 16:00, with return flights from La Gomera scheduled for 08:25 and 17:20. This adjustment in the morning flights allows for earlier departures from both airports, which not only facilitates connections with other routes but also makes day trips between Gran Canaria and La Gomera more feasible.

Casimiro Curbelo, the president, highlighted that the new morning schedule could enhance mobility links with other parts of Spain and Europe, given that Gran Canaria serves over 30 destinations. He also praised Binter’s willingness to adapt to the suggestions from public administrations, describing it as a testament to the airline’s commitment to the island’s socio-economic development.

Alterations to Binter flight schedules in the Canary Islands

Curbelo also noted the steady increase in airport activity at La Gomera, which saw passenger numbers surpass 100,000 last year, bolstered by the stabilized route to Gran Canaria and improved connections to Tenerife North.

He reflected on the significance of this growth: “It proves that those of us who believed in this infrastructure from the start were right. Now, as we mark 25 years since the airport opened, it’s crucial to continue enhancing the existing routes and to keep striving for new connections with other islands.”

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